TM Forum Catalyst Award 2018

Infosim® wins TM Forum Catalyst Award 2018: “Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets”

Würzburg/Austin/Singapore, May 17th, 2018

After winning the TM Forum Catalyst in 2016 and 2017, Infosim® strikes again in 2018 with winning a Catalyst the third year in a row. At the TM Forum Digital World we at Infosim® joined the “Connected Citizens” Catalyst which is a proof of concept of a Smart City Business Digital Platform delivering the digital capability for smart services in dynamic city environments.

Cooperating with other Catalyst champions and participants, Infosim® is responsible for one of the key roles with the unified network and services management solution StableNet®. The goal of the Connected Citizens Catalyst is to enable a unified and central operation of the platform encompassing all resources and data from the distributed elements. StableNet® fits ideally in covering monitoring and performance management, alarming and fault management, and provisioning and configuration management.

TM Forum Catalyst Award group picture

“Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets”

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“Connected Citizens” Catalyst

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All of the winning Catalysts in 2018

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Infosim® Global Webinar Day – Connected Citizens: A Smart City Enabling Digital Platform

Global Webinar Day – March 28th, 2019

Join our colleagues Vlad Singeorzan, Senior Consultant, and André Königer, Senior Developer, for a webinar on the next-level StableNet® Embedded Agent, the SNEA v2. Vlad and André will show you why the SNEA v2 is a must-have in today’s increasing complexity of distributed services in large-scale IT scenarios.

StableNet® Live Demo – February 28th, 2019

Join our colleague Michael Gingele, Senior Technical Account Manager with Infosim®, for a webinar on our newest release StableNet® 8.4, presenting a number of powerful features. Jump on and see how StableNet® rushes another step forward, leading the way in handling the amount of data for network management and orchestration!