StableNet® in Action – Use Case Example Gallery

There is no better way of getting an impression of the capabilities and advantages of a solution than looking onto various use cases and examples realized with it. To that end, this page provides a selection of different StableNet® use cases illustrated with corresponding screenshots. The use cases range from Classical Telco and Enterprise Networks through SDN & NFV to IoT, Industry 4.0, and Cloud environments.

They feature Unified Network & Services Management including Discovery & Inventory, Fault Management & Automated Root Cause, Performance Management & Reporting, as well as NCCM – all cross silo, cross vendor, cross technologies.

Screenshot of Stablenet® Automation

Automated and Custom Alarm Enrichment

Based on its Tagging concept and alarms extension, StableNet® can customize alarms to provide more meaningful data such as device-specific, customer-specific, and technology-specific data. Read more

Screenshot of StableNet® Config Portal

StableNet® Config Generator

The StableNet® Config Generator and the underlying resource management are a significant next step towards Zero-Touch Automation. They allow workflows to create complex initial device configurations – vendor independent and based on a convenient Web-based UI. All this is fully integrated and based on well known StableNet® mechanisms. Read more

Screenshot of StableNet® Resource Management

Resource Facing Slice Management

StableNet® helps to map network slices and services to the actual network topology. Additionally, StableNet® can discover and monitor the underlying network and infrastructure. Read more

Screenshot StableNet® Connectivity

StableNet® Connectivity Discovery and XML Discovery

StableNet® offers different types of discoveries that can be tailored to the specific requirements of different user groups. Choose the intuitive GUI-based configuration or the more powerful and flexible XML-based configuration or both depending on the degree of customization required. Read more

Screenshot StableNet® Distributed Portal

StableNet® Distributed Syslog Portal

A key element for managing huge IT infrastructure or communication networks is the processing of massive amounts of data such as e.g. syslog messages, traps, or similar. This is also important for compliance, security, IDS, and trouble shooting. Distributed storage, powerful filtering, high performance parallel analysis are just some additional benefits to be named. Read more

Screenshot StableNet® Failure Analysis

Interactive Failure Analysis

StableNet® significantly eases querying, filtering, and visualizing measurement data across vendors, data silos, and technologies. This way outages in the network can be analyzed more efficiently. Read more

StableNet Flow Portal

StableNet® Flow Portal

Knowing about the traffic in the network and the communication between different peers is a key element of a Unified Network and Services Management approach. StableNet® offers a very powerful query, visualization, and processing engine to look into the traffic data, obtain statistics, and trigger automated reactions where needed. Read more

StableNet® Network and IoT Management

Network and Intel® IoT Gateway Management

StableNet® can also make use of Intel® IoT Gateway solutions to help manage and secure connected IoT sensors. StableNet® provides unified inventory, configuration, monitoring, alarming, and security views. Read more

StableNet® Industry 4.0 and Logical Factory

Industry 4.0/Logical Factory

StableNet® can be used as a resource-facing manager of managers combining the telco domain as well as the IoT domain. This gives one comprehensive view on a “logical factory” spanning across different physical facilities and factory owners. Read more

StableNet® NFV Monitoring

NFV Monitoring and Auto scaling

StableNet® integrates with the VCCAP Virtual Carrier Core Application Platform and shows auto scaling of VNFs. Read more

StableNet® Multicloud and Office Monitoring

Multi-cloud and Office 365 Monitoring

StableNet® offers unified Cloud and Office 365 monitoring to increase the user responsiveness and customer satisfaction. STableNet can keep track of SLAs and service performance by monitoring disk storage allocation, response times, CPU & memory usage and many other crucial KPIs. Read more

StableNet® Custom Report Generation

Custom Report Generation

Examples of the StableNet® report editor demonstrating how reports can be fully customized and can combine information across different data silos (Fault, Performance, NCCM, etc.). Read more

StableNet® Management of Robots

Industry 4.0 / Robots as a Service

StableNet® supports the management of Robots as a Service based on TM Forum REST Open APIs. Robot cells are connected through the network to the cloud. Monitoring and Service Assurance provided by StableNet®. Read more

StableNet® Unified SDN, NFV and Cloud Management

Unified SDN, NFV & Cloud Management

StableNet® brings together SDN, NFV and Cloud environments as well as legacy infrastructure and allows for a comprehensive, unified management view across vendors, technologies, and platform data silos. Read more

StableNet® SDN-based Security Approaches

SDN-based Security Approaches

SDN and NFV technology offer new possibilities for network traffic flow isolation in a network. Adding these technologies to a network also allows for increasing the range of firewalls, and enhanced security. StableNetStableNet® helps to manage such systems and orchestrate the different components. Read more

StableNet® Enhanced Routing Visualization

Enhanced Routing Visualization and Enrichment

StableNet® combines various sources of information, such as SNMP discovery, CLI output, and device configurations to offer an enriched view of routing information with drill-downs to various levels and all information at your fingertips. Read more

StableNet® Smart City Management

Smart City Umbrella Management

StableNet® serves as a key element for unified and central operation of Smart City resources and data reaching all the way from the IoT edge through the network to the cloud. Read more

StableNet® Weather Maps

Combining network, device, and service information

StableNet® Weather Maps create a comprehensive overview of the different levels of information across vendors, data silos, and technologies. Key to this is the ability of the end user to customize the maps according to their needs. Read more

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