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From discovery to fault management to detailed network reports, our automated network and service management tool StableNet® offers everything that is needed to successful manage your IT infrastructure.

In our detailed tutorials and monthly snapshots, we aim to uncover all of StableNet®‘s functionalities and share best practices. We want to make sure that all of our users get the most out of their StableNet® installations.

Divided into the four pillars of StableNet®, feel free to peruse our latest video releases.

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Discovery &

Improve network efficiency
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Reduce configuration errors with vendor independent automation

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Fault Management & RCA

Resolve network problems quickly by getting pinpointed to the root cause

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Performance &

Continuously measure KPIs and monitor SLAs to stay in control

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Overall & Summaries

Collection of more general StableNet® videos or summaries.

Analyzer Set in StableNet® 24

Snapshot - 27.02.2024 Discovery Performance

A quick rundown of the three main analyzers (Analyzer, Group Analyzer, Category Analyzer) in StableNet® and what exactly has changed with the new annual release.

StableNet® Innovation Lab: Chat-based Navigation in StableNet®

Snapshot - 19.01.2024 Performance

This video provides insights into the development of a chat-based navigation system in StableNet® to aid in locating necessary information and presenting it in a suitable visualization.

Introduction to StableNet® 24

Snapshot - 21.12.2023 Summary

Join us while we browse through the new features and enhancements of the StableNet® 24 Annual Release. More information on the Release Page.

Vendor-Agnostic End-to-End Service Monitoring using TWAMP

Snapshot - 17.11.2023 Performance

Find out how you can carry out Vendor-Agnostic End-to-End service monitoring in StableNet® using TWAMP.

StableNet® & Omnia120: Top to Bottom Visibility, End to End Control

Snapshot - 25.10.2023 Performance

This Snapshot provides a quick overview of the StableNet® and Cubro Omnia joined solution, which enables easy Top to Bottom Visibility and End to End Control.

Telemetry in StableNet®: New protocols in a familiar format

Snapshot - 18.08.2023 Discovery

Discover where telemetry data can be used in StableNet®, how it differs from SNMP are and how, at the end, telemetry in StableNet® may just surprise you at how familiar it looks.

StableNet® Innovation Lab: Beyond 2D Network Visualization

Snapshot - 27.07.2023 NCCM

Dr. David Hock explains the intention and current status of the project "Beyond 2D Network Visualization" and demonstrates how future automated network visualization could possibly look like.

StableNet® Innovation Lab: Quantum Key Distribution as a Service

Snapshot - 22.06.2023 Performance

In this Snapshot our StableNet® Innovation Lab will be the main subject once again. Continuing the introduction of last time, Dr. Stefan Kremling will go deeper into the collaborative project "Quantum Key Distribution as a Service"

Ensure Network Compliance Through Automated Network Audits

Tutorial - 21.06.2023 Performance

Discover together with Peter Mößbauer how automated network audits work with StableNet® and how why they are important.

Telemetry Device Management with StableNet®

Snapshot - 24.05.2023 Discovery

In this Snapshot we will demonstrate how telemetry data is read into StableNet® to help lower device-side resources and work with near-real time data.

StableNet® Innovation Lab: Introduction and Overview

Snapshot - 26.04.2023 Summary

The StableNet® Innovation Lab brings together users & partners of StableNet® with our internal team of highly-skilled researchers. In this video you will get an overview of the process of the Lab and current collaborative projects.

Advanced Discovery Logging in StableNet®

Snapshot - 17.03.2023 Discovery

The previous Discovery Logging functionality has been greatly expanded with Inventory View, Job Analyzer, Jump to Job and Jump to Template. The updates help you better understand what is happening during the discovery.

Advanced use of filters and tagging in reporting

Snapshot - 20.02.2023 Performance

This video contains an introduction to some new additional features we added to the reporting in Stablenet® 12, regarding filters and tagging.

Weather Map Editor in StableNet® Portal

Snapshot - 19.01.2023 Performance

This video shows in detail how to create, modify and save a new Weather Map in the StableNet® Portal from StableNet® 12 on.

StableNet® Wi-Fi Portal: New features

Snapshot - 23.12.2022 Performance

With Multi-Tenancy Support it is now possible to assign measurements to different user groups. We also added Ethernet Support and Hybrid Mode.

Advanced Discovery Analysis

Snapshot - 17.11.2022 Discovery

This video is about the Advanced Discovery Analysis, how it works in StableNet® and for what purposes it is used.

The Basic Discovery Workflow in StableNet®

Snapshot - 31.10.2022 Discovery

This video is about the Basic Discovery Workflow in StableNet®. The focus is on the StableNet® Portal for more comfortable network management. 

StableNet® Web Portal: Tips and Tricks

Tutorial - 20.09.2022 Summary

In this tutorial we will take you through some ideas about the StableNet® Portal making network management easier, dashboard analysis and how to set up dashboards. Additionally, we will give you some useful tips.  

Data Science & AIOps: Advanced Log Analysis

Snapshot - 21.07.2022 Performance

This video focuses on advanced log analysis which is a text-base analysis. In the example, log messages will be analyzed.

Group Analyzer

Snapshot - 22.06.2022 Discovery Performance

The Group Analyzer allows you to study multiple measurements or monitors at a time. The focus of this video are measurements and monitors.  

Unified Interface Measurements

Snapshot - 20.05.2022 NCCM

This video is about Unified Interface Measurements. With this function it is possible to retrieve data and use it as interface measurements as well as link them to the interface.  

Advanced Reporting with Excel: Power Query

Tutorial - 27.04.2022 Performance

This tutorial is about advanced reporting with Excel using power query to give you even more powerful options to work with reports in StableNet®.

Data Science and AIOps: Topology and Impact Analysis

Snapshot - 21.04.2022 Performance

This video focuses on topology and impact analysis. The examples are shown in a Jupyter interactive Python notebook.

Template Editor

Snapshot - 21.03.2022 Discovery NCCM

With the Template Editor you have everything you need in one place which saves a lot of time and reduces errors. In this video, the functionalities of the editor are shown.  

Tag Filter Query Language

Snapshot - 17.02.2022 Discovery NCCM Performance

The TFQL was created to make it easier to create and work with tags. You can filter faster and organize all the relevant network data precisely. The language is also much more straight-forward and easy to work with. 

Weather Map Overview

Tutorial - 28.01.2022 Performance

In this tutorial we will be focusing on the general Weather Map handling starting from scratch. We will show you how you can create a Weather Map of your network and display the different functions that you can find there.

Data Science & AIOps: Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

Snapshot - 28.01.2022 Performance

This video focuses on time series analysis, forecasting and anomaly detections in your network. With AIOps functionalities, we want to make it easy for users.

New features of the portal in StableNet® 11: An overview

Snapshot - 17.12.2021 Summary

In this video some of the main features of StableNet® 11 will be shown. The most important one is the StableNet® Portal which makes it easy for you to do network management in a browser of your choice. 

Wi-Fi Portal: Network performance assurance and QoE

Snapshot - 19.11.2021 Performance

This video is about the StableNet® Wi-Fi Portal which has been developed for the purpose of Wi-Fi performance assurance (QoS). Additionally, it measures the user experience (QoE).  

Tagging, Tag Filters, Tag Trees

Tutorial - 02.11.2021 Discovery NCCM

In this tutorial we will be talking about tags. Tagging is a key functionality of StableNet® allowing you to organize all your relevant network data precisely as you desire.

Capacity Metric Module: Simplified network capacity forecasting

Snapshot - 14.10.2021 Performance

With the Capacity Metric Module the usage of Weather Maps can be extended beyond the current state. It is now possible to forecast and balance available network capacities accordingly.

NCCM Use Case Examples explained

Tutorial - 07.10.2021 NCCM

In this video we would like to show a use case about NCCM which focuses on discovering and documenting network device configurations. Specifically simple snippet and template-based configuration jobs are discussed.

Highlights of StableNet® 10

Snapshot - 21.09.2021 Summary

In this video we look at the highlights of StableNet® 10. This will be a quick summary of the new features of our network management software that were added in this version. 

Config Generator

Snapshot - 25.08.2021 NCCM

In this video you will learn how the config generator in StableNet® works step-by-step. The entire workflow process is explained.

Alternate Alarm-Handling

Snapshot - 21.07.2021 Fault Management

In this video you will learn about alternate alarm handling which is used for organizing sorting, filtering, etc. concerning alarms in your network. 

Flexible Options for Reporting

Tutorial - 01.07.2021 Performance

In this tutorial, we will give you an overview on reporting capabilities in StableNet® and show you some examples of how to work with reporting.

Advanced Weather Map Handling

Snapshot - 17.06.2021 Performance

This video will focus on advanced Weather Map handling. You will learn how certain processes can be automated and how to create specific Weather Maps in order to monitor your network properly.

Customizable Workflow Jobs in Action

Snapshot - 21.05.2021 Discovery NCCM

In this video we will be looking at workflow jobs in action, specifically a device compliance check and configuration.

Key Functionalities of the StableNet® Rich Client GUI

Tutorial - 28.04.2021 Summary

In this tutorial we’ll be providing you a walkthrough for basic features and functionalities in the release of StableNet® 10 in our Rich Client GUI.

Business-tailored Workflow Jobs

Snapshot - 21.04.2021 Discovery NCCM

In this video you will learn about some of the standard workflow jobs that get shipped out with StableNet® and how they can help you to simplify and customize specific workflows for your network management. 

Updated Automated Reporting - Synchronization Server

Snapshot - 18.03.2021 Performance

In this video you will learn about the server synchronization which is a new feature that came with StableNet® 10. This is essential for maximize the effectiveness of your network management.

Grafana implementation

Snapshot - 21.04.2021 Performance

This video is about the Grafana implementation in our network management software StableNet®. The open source web application lets you do dynamic dashboards, chart graph alerts and can connect to different data sources. 

StableNet® Analyzer, Group Analyzer, Category Analyzer

Tutorial - 11.02.2021 Discovery Performance

In this video, we differentiate amongst the various options you have with analyzers in StableNet®. We demonstrate some of their functionalities in our demo lab.

Web Portal

Snapshot - 04.02.2021 Summary

This video is about the web-based StableNet® Portal that was introduced with StableNet® 10.0. You will get a quick tour around the new portal and its current features. 

Multiple Monitor Thresholds

Snapshot - 12.01.2021 Fault Management

This video is about a new StableNet® feature called Multiple Monitor Thresholds. Now, you have the ability to define several thresholds for alarms if network issues occur.


Tutorial - 17.12.2020 Summary

This video covers the installation of the network management software StableNet® environment including the MariaDB database.  

Automated EoX & Vulnerability

Tutorial - 17.12.2020 NCCM

This video is about the End of Life and Vulnerability modules in StableNet®. We show how EoX and vulnerability jobs are executed, what they look like and what information you need in order to automate the process. 

Weathermap Extensions

Snapshot - 19.11.2020 Performance

In this video you will get a quick overview on two Weather Map features, specifically extended tool tips as well as node and link statistics.

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