StableNet® Discovery & Inventory

Improve network efficiency and capture your assets for insights

Discovery &

Network Configuration & Change

Fault Management &
Root Cause Analysis

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Discovery & Inventory at a glance

Network Configuration and Change Management Software

StableNet® discovers largely on its own in a most automated way the elements within the regarded IP- and IT infrastructure and system environment. It does also discover the communication relationships between the discovered elements and the physical and logical discovery.

From the traditional network endpoints to IoT endpoints to SDN/NFV variations, StableNet® discovers and allows for their inclusion in the network. Service discovery is a key feature of StableNet®.

More Discovery Features

Check out some of the key functionalities

Cisco ACI

Unify your network management environment

Datacenter Automation

Simplify your datacenter administration

Frameworx, eTOM, SID

Cross-vendor networks and services management


Manage your SDN Network
with StableNet

Tagging & Grouping

A key to automation

Discovery Function

A blueprint for infrastructure and connectivity

Key Benefits

See what StableNet® can do for you and why it matters



User-defined and credentials-based



Automated inventory collection of nearly all devices regardless of manufacturer or device type


Operational efficiency

Automation of discovery and visibility of the network and its elements saving you time and money


Cost control

Cost-effective management of network assets


End-of-Life & End-of-Service Management

Identify and report on network and IT devices being listed EoL or EoS


Drill-down to each layer

Visualization of physical and logical network structure


Take a deeper dive and explore StableNet® resources

Get to know one of StableNet®‘s Features in our “Discovery for Infrastructure and Connectivity“-Use Case.

Learn more about Cisco ACI Integration in our “Cisco ACI Integration“-Use Case.

Read our “FNT Command® Interface“- Use Case to get to know an automated solution for up-to-date Network & Service planning, rollout & maintenance by StableNet®.

Learn more about Discovery & Inventory in our StableNet® Snapshots:
“Basic Discovery Workflow”
“Advanced Discovery Analysis”
“Advanced Discovery Logging”

Ready for automated multi-vendor network management?

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