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Background & Motivation

Background & Motivation

Heterogeneous network environments are an inevitable reality in an ever-changing field of technological advancements. While market-driven innovation brings a wide array of possible advantages, these can only be realized through familiarity with the underlying technology and associated software. Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is yet another chapter in this endless book of innovative network solutions. Though the value proposition may have convinced your firm, a team of network operators (who may be geographically disperse or have various levels of expertise) are left to spend countless hours learning how to monitor and integrate a new tool into the network platform.
On the client side, Cisco’s SDN-solution is comprised of a network of switches (referred to as “leafs” and “spines”) and the APIC, or Application Policy Infrastructure Controller. Ultimately, this centralized controller pushes pre-configured, standardized policies out to t Cisco ACI-capable network components. These policies control such elements as ACLs, packet filtering and labeling, QoS and forwarding rules.
While the reasons for choosing SDN-based solutions like Cisco ACI are varied, the end result is the same: network operators are confronted with yet another piece to their architectural framework with its own proprietary GUI. Another tool, another learning process and another opportunity to see but a single part of the entirety. Your multi-vendor, technologically diverse network infrastructure is scattered. An integrative, unified network and services management solution is more important than ever.

StableNet® Solution

StableNet® Solution

Gaining external access through northbound REST-APIs, StableNet® is able to integrate the Cisco ACI architecture into the existing platform in order to achieve numerous objectives, including KPI-assessments. From a single, unified GUI, an entire team of network operators are able to continue their work without the need to spend valuable resources getting up to speed. Pre-existing, optimized workflows can continue unfettered as you enjoy the benefits of your network architecture-of-choice.

Critical processes such as monitoring the network, receiving alarm notifications, and backing up config files are integrated and centralized. On-demand and live, dynamic data can be tracked, topology overviews are kept up-to-date, and inventory can be monitored. Other integrated features include:

Global Measurements

  • Fabric Health Status
  • Global Capacity Dashboards
  • Tenant Health
  • Controller Interface Status
  • Cluster Status
  • Sensors

Local Measurements

  • Fan Tray Modules
  • Fabric Modules
  • Fabric Membership
  • Line Modules
  • Management Interfaces
  • Power Supply Modules
  • System Controller Modules (Sensors)

Live Templates

  • Cluster seen by node
  • Aggregated Interfaces
  • L3 Management Interfaces
  • Physical Interfaces
  • Equipment Fans
  • Equipment Sensors
  • Fabric Membership
  • Power Supplies

Benefits & Results

Benefits & Results

There are many reasons for firms to choose or not choose to incorporate new network technologies. While network optimization may be a moving target, the need to monitor it in its entirety and respond to issues as they arise is constant. At StableNet®, we see it as our charge to give you freedom by not only providing integration with older architecture, but also to constantly improve upon our platform by incorporating the newest technologies as well. Any decision is associated with a formal or informal Cost-Benefit Analysis; with StableNet®, we continue to facilitate whatever choice you make.
The integration of Cisco ACI into StableNet® gives you the continued opportunity to monitor the entirety of you network. From legacy architecture to SDN-based solutions, the powerful, user-friendly StableNet® platform gives you flexibility to choose the right network technology, and to know that it can still be managed from the comfort of a familiar interface. One code base, one data source, one platform, and one GUI: for one holistic unified network & services management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Continued ability to monitor entirety of network
  • No need to alter existing workflows
  • Enables modernization of network architecture without operation slow-down
  • Reduction in costs and resources associated with upgrades

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