Industry & Research Cooperations at Infosim®


At Infosim®, we know that research and innovation are the key drivers of our long-term goal of maintaining our leadership in a technological landscape that is always changing. We look at a multitude of topics, from software defined networking and network functions virtualization, through Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 5G, 6G, and quantum computing, to name but a few.

We are teaming up with other industry partners, academia, and research institutes to help define cutting edge technologies and use these developments for real world solutions. We are deeply involved in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence and find much promise in what they will continue to offer, particularly in further automating networking services management. For us, these topics are not just buzzwords, but are the doorways to real solution to real world problems that we are seeing from partners and customers on a daily basis.

We believe that, through close collaboration with our business partners and seeking out collaborations with research institutions, we stay abreast of trends and technological advances as we continue to actively shape the future.

Have a look at our selected cooperations:
Logo of the University of Würzburg
Logo of the University of Würzburg

Automation Valley Nordbayern

The Automation Valley Northern Bavaria is the regional industry 4.0 initiative, in which approx. 300 companies and scientific institutions are organized.

We see the cooperation as an opportunity to work together with other regional power players and to carry out projects in the field of industry 4.0 and IIoT.

Logo of the University of Würzburg

Funded cooperations with Universities

ESF-FrischNET and ESF-ZDEX are an initiative of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the University of Würzburg. Small and medium-sized companies get the chance to approach digital change in a playful way. The aim of the project is to enable the exchange of knowledge with scientists from the university in order to bring new ideas into the companies.

As for the KI-HUB Nordbayern project we are cooperation with the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences. This part-time project provides application-oriented methodological knowledge on digitization and artificial intelligence via blended learning in a knowledge transfer network. The focus is on securing knowledge and compensating for the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change in SMEs.

Logo of the University of Würzburg
Logo of the University of Würzburg

Industry Organizations and Standardisation Bodies

ETSI is a European Standards Organization (ESO). It provides members with an open, inclusive and collaborative environment. This environment supports the timely development, ratification and testing of globally applicable standards for ICT-enabled systems, applications and services.

TM Forum is an association of over 850 member companies generating US$2 trillion in revenue and serving five billion customers across 180 countries. They drive collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers around the world. During our membership we won several TM Forum Catalyst Awards.

CELTIC-NEXT is the Eureka Cluster labelled for next-generation communications for a secured, trusted, and sustainable digital society. CELTIC-NEXT stimulates and orchestrates international collaborative projects in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) domain.

Logo of the University of Würzburg

Intel IoT Solution Alliance

In the IoT space we have been very pleased to be a partner with Intel® since 2016. With over 1,100 IoT leaders and more than 4,500 solutions, Intel’s IoT Solutions Community is one of the world’s most trusted ecosystems. From this collaboration, we hope to combine the strengths of infosim and intel to identify win-win scenarios and gain insights and opportunities in the market.

Thinknet 6G by Bavaria Innovativ

Since we have been active with 6G, we have joined the think tank, an agile ecosystem of industrial players, research institutions, associations, innovators, start-ups and incubators, founded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. Thinknet 6G is both a think tank and an agile community for all organizations and stakeholders interested in all aspects of 6G development in Bavaria.

Start Up Centers

The TGZ, IGZ and ZDI are the address for high-tech start-ups in Würzburg. Since 1987, they have offered young companies from all sectors flexible space to develop their business ideas and benefit from an intact and strong network, which, due to the proximity to the campus of the University of Würzburg and the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, enables access to business and science.

Another Start Up Center we cooperate with is the ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) Bavaria, which promotes forward-looking companies in whole Bavaria with innovative products and digital core competencies. Start-ups receive comprehensive support on their way to market entry: from research and development to financing.

Infosim once beeing a start up itself wants to support present and future start-ups in successfully putting their business ideas into practice. Therefore we are very glad for those cooperations.

Logo of the University of Würzburg
Logo of the University of Würzburg


The VATM represents more than ninety telecommunications and multimedia companies active in the German market. All of them compete with the ex-monopolist Deutsche Telekom AG. The Association represents about 80 percent of the private service providers in this sector by revenue.

By joining the VATM, Infosim® strengthens its presence in the Telecommunication Market.

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