StableNet® Enterprise

The Unified Network Management Solution

StableNet® Telco

The Unified Carrier Grade Network Management Solution

StableNet® Appliance - A high-performance platform to support StableNet® deployments

StableNet® Appliance

The high-performance hardware platform for your StableNet® deployments

StableNet® Embedded Agent - A plug-and-play agent hardware that fits in your pocket

StableNet®Embedded Agent

The plug-and-play StableNet® Agent hardware that fits in your shirt pocket

StableNet® Mobile App

StableNet®Mobile App

All the information you need, right at your fingertips

StableNet® – Unified Network & Services Management

StableNet® Telco

A unified 3 in 1 Telco grade NGOSS solution providing Service Assurance, Service Fulfillment, Fault, Performance, automated Root Cause Analysis, Network Change & Configuration Management with open interfaces into your OSS environment.

StableNet® Enterprise

A unified 3 in 1 management solution for IT Services, VoIP and Network Providers providing Fault, Performance, Root Cause Analysis, and Network Change & Configuration Management.

StableNet® Appliance

A high performance platform preconfigured to support StableNet® deployments, reduce total cost of ownership, consolidate network infrastructure, and provide an extensible platform that scales with the growth rate of your organization.

StableNet® Embedded Agent

All the powerful features the customers appreciate from the StableNet® Agent in a plug-and-play “black box” appliance.

StableNet® Mobile App

Our Unified Network & Services Management solution StableNet® got even more flexible. Besides our regular JAVA GUI Client and our Web Portal we offer a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which will make your life easier.

StableNet® – The Unified Next-Generation Network Management Solution

Current and reliable data is crucial for making solid strategic and operational decisions. This data is the foundation for budgeting, forecasting, analyzing, reporting, and lastly improving your business. Intelligent solutions are necessary for driving cost reduction, enhancing resiliency, and raising user experience. Solutions must work seamlessly across enterprises as well as business units.

StableNet® incorporates Fault, Performance, and Configuration Management on a single platform. This does not only reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO), but also increases synergy effects between the three solutions. In addition, it shortens the time to value and market.

We designed StableNet® as a third-generation highly automated single platform network management system. Its functionalities address today’s many operational and technical challenges of managing distributed and mission-critical IT infrastructures. The key differentiation of StableNet® to other legacy-type Operational Support Systems (OSS) is that StableNet® is a unified OSS system with three integrated functionalities that focus on Fault, Performance, and Configuration Management, with automated Root Cause Analysis (RCA). StableNet® can be deployed on a multi-tenant, multi-customer, or dedicated platform and can be operated in a highly flexible and dynamic environment like a cloud or dynamic flex-compute environment.

Leading organizations and Network Service Providers have selected StableNet® due to its rich set of features. Many of our customers are well-known global brands spanning all market sectors.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Every vendor says that its products can do everything. I really liked my Infosim® sales engineer. He answered all our questions, and didn’t promise things that couldn’t be done. The licensing was very transparent, and they made the price work. I discovered Infosim® at Cisco Live, and I was really impressed overall with how well they were able to hit everything we wanted to do on this project, from monitoring to capacity planning and transparency of the network.”

Brian Lubelczyk

Senior Manager Data Networking, athenahealth

“This is a powerful piece of kit and does everything we want it to. One of its key benefits is its ability to capture data from any source and correlate it, providing us with a single overview of our entire estate. It’s critical to the health of our entire estate and has helped us enhance the service we deliver for clients, enabling us to be more proactive and prioritize what we work on.”

Jonathan Walmsley

Solution Architect, SCC

“StableNet® covered over 180 of our requirements. The system is very stable and data collection is resistant to negative events in the telecommunication network such as downtime and huge amount of collected information. Configuration is very simple which guarantees quick implementation. StableNet®´s user interface is clear and intuitive. The integrated map module for status visualization simplifies administration of thousands of devices spread out all around the country. The licensing model is cost efficient.”


Major Polish Energy Company

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