Unified Network & Services Management at your fingertips


Unified Network & Services Management at your fingertips

Automated Service Fulfillment & Service Assurance

Unified Network Management Software

StableNet® provides Fault, Performance, Configuration, and Services Management on a single platform.
It is a unified solution, built upon a single, consistent code base. It is easy to integrate and provides high performance while keeping low hardware requirements.

StableNet® is a proven solution with a large number of installations in key industry sectors like energy, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and many more.

As a unified network management software solution, StableNet® technology revolutionizes the management of large heterogeneous network infrastructures.

What can you expect from StableNet®?

Learn how StableNet® can improve your network management – three selected examples are provided below.

StableNet Interactive Failure Analysis

Interactive Failure Analysis

StableNet® significantly eases querying, filtering, and visualizing measurement data across vendors, data silos, and technologies. This way outages in the network can be analyzed more efficiently. Read more

StableNet Multi-cloud and Office 365 Monitoring

Multi-cloud and Office 365 Monitoring

StableNet® offers unified Cloud and Office 365 monitoring to increase the user responsiveness and customer satisfaction. STableNet can keep track of SLAs and service performance by monitoring disk storage allocation, response times, CPU & memory usage and many other crucial KPIs. Read more

StableNet Flow Portal

StableNet® Flow Portal

Knowing about the traffic in the network and the communication between different peers is a key element of a Unified Network and Services Management approach. StableNet® offers a very powerful query, visualization, and processing engine to look into the traffic data, obtain statistics, and trigger automated reactions where needed. Read more

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StableNet® at a glance

StableNet® at a glance

How StableNet® improves your Network Management

The Benefits of StableNet®

How StableNet® improves your Network Management


One tool for lots of use cases
StableNet® consolidates the zoo-of-management tools in one product for consistent and simple data handling.


One glance for thousands of tasks
StableNet® automates repetitive manual tasks, so you save time for important issues.



One spot for millions of devices
StableNet® scales with your IT infrastructure such as complex IoT environments in a cost-efficient way.


One tool for your individual needs
StableNet® can be customized to deal with your individual needs.

StableNet® Product Solutions

StableNet® Telco

StableNet® Enterprise

StableNet® as a Service

Different possibilities for Multi-Cloud Monitoring in your pocket

StableNet® in your pocket

Alarm handling
Device information
Status & performance information
Highly intuitive design
Reduced traffic & power usage

StableNet® – unified network & services management software

A central management and orchestration system

Cross vendor

StableNet® is supporting many different vendors (e.g. Cisco, Huawei, Juniper).

Cross silo

As a single-pane-of-glass solution, StableNet® provides performance, fault, and configuration management on a unified data platform.

Cross technology

StableNet® can be implemented on multiple platforms, such as cloud, server, network, or IoT environments.

StableNet - A central management and orchestration system

All-in-One Unified Approach

Automation & Integration

Reporting & Visualization

“Boxed” Solutions

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