Funded Research Projects at Infosim®

At Infosim® we acknowledge the importance of collaboration with academic partners.

Combining the methodological excellence of universities and research institutes with our practical experience and real-world application has proven to be both very enriching and fruitful.

Amongst our team members, a high percentage have an academic background and possess many years of experience in technology-oriented consortia and joint projects. This provides an ideal environment for graduates to start their career, as well as for internships and theses.

For any questions regarding research at Infosim® you can contact

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Selected Research Projects:

Current Projects

Green and Energy monitoring for Future network Infrastructures Enabling also Large Deployments
Energy Efficiency Sustainability Visualization Network Monitoring
01/2024 – 12/2026
Safe and Secure Sensor Platform for IoT
Internet of Things IT Security Building Automation
05/2023 – 04/2026

Supporting Plastic Cycles through Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

AI Knowledge Graph Circular Economy
12/2022 – 11/2025
Open Disaggregated 6G Network Fabric
6G DOTS SDN Visualization
10/2022 – 09/2025
Quantum-based infrastructure networks for safety-critical wireless data communication
Quantum Communication Li-Fi Security Visualization
09/2022 – 08/2025
Holistic AI-based Optimization of Plastic Packaging with Recycled Content
AI Circular Economy Platform Economy
08/2022 – 07/2025
Open Circular-Collaboration-Platform for Sustainable Food Packaging from Plastics
Food Packaging Circular Economy Platform Economy
07/2022 – 07/2025
Improved accessibility to industrial networks through smart visualization
Visualization Grouping/Labeling 2D/3D Layouting
03/2022 – 02/2025
Optimization of QKD meshes using machine learning
Quantum Communication AI Security 6G
01/2022 – 12/2024
Converged deterministic infrastructure networks in heterogeneous environments with Campus-5G
5G Time-Sensitive Networks
10/2021 – 09/2024
Automation of quality inspection and commercialization of secondary plastics
AI Circular Economy Platform Economy
09/2021 – 02/2024
Measurement methodology of user-oriented quality of service and network quality in 5G mobile networks
5G Crowdsourcing Quality of Service/Experience
05/2021 – 05/2024
Providing Resilient & secure networks (Operating on Trusted Equipment) to critical infrastructures
AI Capacity Planing Security Telemetry

02/2021 – 06/2024

KICK (completed)
Improving 5G Campus Networks with Artificial Intelligence
01/2020 – 12/2022
Di-LinK (completed)
Digital Solutions for Industrial Plastic Cycles
Circular Economy Platform Economy
06/2019 – 05/2022
iPRALINE (completed)
Interactive Problem Analysis and Solving in Complex Industrial Networks
Grouping/Labeling Visualization 2D/3D Layouting
04/2019 – 03/2021
5MART (completed)
5G-ready Management of All Regional Tasks
5G LoRaWAN Platform Economy Smart City
03/2019 – 02/2022
PIMKoWe (completed)
Platform for the Integrated Management of Collaborations in Value Creation Networks
Blockchain Platform Economy Security Smart Contracts
10/2018 – 03/2022
SIMPL (completed)
Secure IoT Management Plattform
Platform Economy Security
07/2018 – 10/2021
DiHP (completed)
Service for Integrated Trading of Production Capacities
Additive Manufacturing Platform Economy
08/2017 – 01/2021
ROBOTOP (completed)
Modular, Open and Internet-Based Platform for Robot Applications in Industry and Services
Platform Economy
06/2017 – 12/2020
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