Measurement methodology of user-oriented quality of service and network quality in 5G mobile networks

Project Duration: 15.05.2021 – 14.05.2024

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General Information

The massive number of physical and virtual devices, industrial use cases, and digital smart city development concepts requires new methods for differentiated measurement of the network quality of 5G mobile networks. This project is about investigating, evaluating, and defining crowdsourcing-based measurement methods to evaluate mobile networks on a large scale according to end users’ quality of experience (QoE) in the context of current developments and use cases in the field of new 5G networks. Due to the heterogeneous usage and architecture of the networks, measurements from the end-user or end-device perspective are necessary, which requires crowdsourcing-based measurement methods at the service and application level.

Project Goal

The core goal of the project is to determine and explore 4G and 5G network quality for the geographical area of Bavaria in terms of end users satisfaction, and to develop a measurement methodology for QoS and QoE for selected use cases. This also has a sustainable impact on private campus networks in the industrial environment.

Infosim® – Our Focus

Infosim® contributes to this project by offering network monitoring and management solutions for quality of service (QoS) monitoring. One specific topic we have already started to look at is how to extend the current multimedia measurements and business scripts in our automated network management tool StableNet® to be able to measure e.g. Youtube quality or other Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics.

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