Infosim® & Innovation – A perfect fit

Since our inception as a spin-off of the University of Würzburg, Infosim® and innovation have been closely linked right from the start. To stay agile, we monitor the newest industry trends, react quickly to feedback from our customers and optimize our internal processes. The over-arching vision of Infosim® as a forward-thinking, high-tech company drives our constant dedication of resources towards technological innovation. This allows us to act solution-oriented, creatively and with exceptional technological expertise.

Our passion for knowledge is also the driving force behind our continuous experimentation with new technologies and our numerous cooperations and research projects.

Innovative ideas span across all parts of Infosim®

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Funded Research Projects

Mostly funded by the Bavarian Government, we are currently working on over 10 projects. The topics revolve around AIOps, 5G/6G, IoT and Industry 4.0 and include partners such as Telekom, Siemens, Nokia, Bosch and of course the University of Würzburg.

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Research & Industry Cooperations

Long-term partnerships between companies and Infosim® accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology and help define our next business steps.

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StableNet® Innovation Lab

StableNet® Innovation Lab brings together users and partners of StableNet® with our internal team of highly-skilled researchers to implement cutting-edge technologies impacting both the present and future of network management.

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Circular Innovation Lab

In our Circular Innovation Lab, we address one of the most compelling tasks of our time: to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

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