Career at Infosim®

Since we all spend the majority of our time at work, our job here at Infosim® is more than the source of income for our everyday life.

We believe that satisfaction is the key to success.

Happy employees make for happy customers and happy customers make our business more successful. We know that everyone has their own skill set, ideas, and career goals. By collaborating with a diverse group of people, we can build the best work environment and profitable business model.

Which skills will you bring?

Job Openings


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Infosim Jobs Icon Klammer
Work with the StableNet® application engineering team to implement, troubleshoot, and develop future enhancements to StableNet® in close cooperation with the customer.
Infosim Jobs Icon Glühbirne
Perform general system management functions, including installation, configuration, and support of the StableNet® monitoring platform for POCs and fully operational solutions.
Infosim Jobs Icon Werkzeug
Support the sales team by demonstrating our StableNet® application to customers. Support technical marketing material creation and maintenance.

Didn’t find the job you were looking for?

Just apply! We are always looking for fresh talent and ideas!

If you are a student or just starting your career, we may have the employment option for you. Among our many options are:

  • Project and thesis work
  • Student jobs
  • Trainee programs
  • Internships

Our Benefits

what we offer

Friendly and informal work environment with relaxed command structures

Exciting international projects

High level of research and innovation

Flexible working hours

Many opportunities for further education and training

A broad spectrum of social activities, such as team events or tickets for the Handball Bundesliga

Workplaces with panorama view over Würzburg and the Marienberg fortress

Ideal location on Hubland North with direct access to public transport and shopping area nearby



We at Infosim® know the importance of collaboration between industry and academic partners. A high percentage of our employees have a university backgound; many of whom also have long-standing technology consortia alliances and joint projects. The relationships our company has fostered with academia has proven to be both invigorating and fruitful.

Combining the methodology and new theories at universities and research institutes with real life practical experience yields exciting innovative ideas that might not otherwise be discovered.

Our collaborative partnerships with academia not only have produced long-lasting product and research developments, but also are an ideal beginning for new graduates, internships, theses, and joint academic research projects.

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StableNet® in a virtual reality

StableNet® Labs

Alexas Voice Assistant with StableNet®

StableNet® Labs

Alexas Voice Assistant with Stablenet®