Open Circular-Collaboration-Platform for Sustainable Food Packaging from Plastics

Project Duration: 15.07.2022 – 14.07.2025

General Information

Packaging waste is reaching record levels year after year. To solve this problem, it is absolutely necessary to close loops and reduce the use of materials. Currently, however, there are still obstacles in practice, such as a lack of information on plastic recyclates (origin, quality and future availability) or a lack of trust among market participants.

Project Goal

The goal of COPPA is an open and scalable Circular Collaboration Platform (CCP) in the field of plastic food packaging. As a system solution, the CCP should provide various functionalities, e.g.:

  • Seamless tracking of plastics from packaging.
  • Efficient exchange of information on quality, availability forecasts, etc.
  • Proof of recyclate content and quality
  • Smart contract model for value chains
  • Decision support for material-efficient packaging

According to the FAIR principles, the data should also be “Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable”.

The target audience of the CCP are Processors and recyclers of plastics, packaging manufacturers, brand owners, and food retailers.

Infosim® – Our Focus

Our tasks primarily include the conceptual design and development of the CCP, the platform implementation and operation of the demonstrator, and the integration of solutions developed by the partners, such as smart contracts, into the CCP.

Our Partners
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI

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