Interactive Problem Analysis and Solving in Complex Industrial Networks

Project Duration: 01.04.2019 – 31.03.2021
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General Information

In iPRALINE we are working on innovative algorithms to visualize networks automatically in such a way that domain experts can quickly orient themselves and analyze critical points of these networks. We will consider traditional two-dimensional as well as novel three-dimensional network visualizations.

Furthermore, the project concerns interactive network visualizations for small devices such as smartphones or tablets, which can be used by a technician on-site when repairing complex setups. In such a scenario, limitations regarding the screen size and the computational power of the devices must be taken into account.

Infosim® – Our Focus

For Infosim® one particular interest goes into grouping and labeling within visualizations. For grouping you can think of zooming in and out and dynamically changing the amount of detail or grouping the core/edge/access layers. For labeling, the challenge is to get each label (interface labels, link labels, device labels) placed readable on the visualization while making sure that it is clear to which object the label belongs.

In StableNet® 8 the visualizations have improved significantly compared to earlier versions, but that does not mean we are done! Automated visualizations may not always have the same details or look as your hand-drawn visualization. With this project we are aiming to improve the automated drawings such that hand-drawn sketches are no longer necessary. Do you want to see your network visualized better? Or do you have a particular type of hand-drawn visualization that should be automated? Contact us at info@infosim.net and provide us with sample data so that your drawing can be automated / improved.

For further information you can visit the Project Website.

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