Holistic AI-based Optimization of Plastic Packaging with Recycled Content

Project Duration: 01.08.2022 – 31.07.2025
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General Information

Currently, only about 11% recyclates are used in packaging. This insufficient recycling of packaging waste causes damage to the environment and unnecessarily high climate-damaging emissions.

Reasons for the lack of recycling are various uncertainties in the market, which cannot be controlled by current competences, design processes, process control strategies and technologies as well as market structures and are additionally overlaid by the demands for minimum emissions.

Examples of such uncertainties:

  • Low data availability and linkage, makes recyclate use economically unattractive.
  • The high complexity due to many influencing variables, such as polymer preparation, material development/manufacturing and processing procedures, cannot be managed by companies.
  • No holistic evaluation method for the value chain of plastic packaging, which enables holistic optimization as well as cycle-compatible packaging design
  • Lack of business models

Project Goal

The objectives of KIOptiPack are to develop tools for the entire value chain (secondary raw material – material and packaging development – process design – packaging production – consumers):

  • AI-supported tools for successful product design and quality production of plastic packaging with a high recycled content
  • AI application and data space based on Gaia-X
  • Central network platform for value engineering

Infosim® – Our Focus

The tasks of Infosim® include mainly

  • Development of interfaces for the integration into the data room as well as for the creation of Digital Product Passports (DPP)
  • Development of an application for visualization

For further information please visit the Project Website.

Our Partners
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
Fraunhofer Institut HHI
+ around 40 more partners

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