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What CISCO ACI management with StableNet® looks like

Tree Overview

With the tree overview the measurements of all ACI elements are nicely organized. It is easy to switch between different views, e.g., the organizational view from a tenant, or from the pods. With the tagging concept from StableNet® many different overviews can be created in an instant.

The tree gives a quick overview of the status of each type: the dashboards, the spine nodes, the leaf nodes, the pods. When a problem occurs, one can easily browse to the affected element in the tree.

Request Live Data

Not all the information that is available is suitable for measurements, but it is also not static.

With Live Templates this type of information can be retrieved easily. For example information about the aggregated interfaces of the controller, or about the equipment sensors can be easily pulled into StableNet®.

This data can easily be saved with a right-click and then copy or export.


An overview of the setup is available in the weathermaps. Here your administrator can get a quick overview of the status of each of the objects.

Moreover, from the weathermap it is easy to jump to the measurements of a particular object when further inspection is needed.

Features of the CISCO ACI module in StableNet®

An automated approach to handle increased complexity

Global measurements

  • Fabric Health Status
  • Global Capacity Dashboards
  • Tenant Health
  • Controller Interface Status
  • Cluster Status
  • Sensors
Local Measurements

  • Fan Tray Modules
  • Fabric Modules
  • Fabric Membership
  • Line Modules
  • Management Interfaces
  • Power Supply Modules
  • System Controller Modules (Sensors)
Live Templates

  • Cluster seen by node
  • Aggregated Interfaces
  • L3 Management Interfaces
  • Physical Interfaces
  • Equipment Fans
  • Equipment Sensors
  • Fabric Membership
  • Power Supplies
CLI and REST connections to the controller(s)

  • REST is used for autodiscovery: all devices and measurements are created automatically.
  • Backup of the ACI config.
Cisco ACI is Cisco’s software-defined networking architecture. Monitoring of a Cisco ACI setup can be done with StableNet®. This way you’ll have all KPIs in one place, seamlessly combined with our well-known unified network and services management solution.


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