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StableNet®‘s standardised approach

StableNet® aligns with eTOM to TMF Frameworx through its unified network and services abstraction model. This unified abstraction model provides the required foundation for the identification of all objects to be managed. All manageable objects correspond to TMF Business Process Framework (eTOM) to support resource management, operations and service management, and CRM processes.

Telemanagement Forum (TMF) is a non-profit global industry organization providing leadership, strategic guidance, and practical solutions to improve the management and operation of communications services. Infosim® is a long years active TM Forum member, winning multiple TMF Catalyst awards. Guidelines and standards published by TM Forum facilitate the integration and interoperability of OSS/BSS solutions.

StableNet® is designed on the principles and frameworks of the TM Forum:

The TMF Business Process Framework (eTOM) team as members.

The TMF Frameworx program (formerly NGOSS), as a co-lead of the TMF Information Framework (SID), StableNet® Telco aligns with both eTOM, as well as with ITIL for a granular process mapping of the IT operations aspects of a service providers’ End-to-End service delivery model.

As a unified network and services management OSS solution, StableNet® integrates well in entire OSS/BSS environment, seamlessly including new management areas like SDN/NFV and Industrial IoT.

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Frameworx, eTOM, SID

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