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StableNet® Services for Software Defined Networking (SDN)

A unified approach to handle increased complexity

SDN and NFV are both very promising approaches. The main objectives are to increase the flexibility of the control and to reduce costs by moving from expensive special purpose hardware to common off-the-shelf devices. SDN enables the separation of the control plane and data plane, which results in better control plane programmability, flexibility, and much cheaper costs in the data plane. NFV is similar but differs in detail. The benefits of SDN and NFV seem evident. Both promise to increase flexibility and reduce cost. The idea of common standards seems to further ease the configuration and handling of an SDN or NFV infrastructure. However, our experience shows that with the decision to “go SDN or NFV” a lot of new challenges arise.
The increasing IT complexity in today’s enterprises more and more demands for a holistic, aggregated view on the services in a network, including all involved entities, e.g. network components, servers, and user devices.
The availability of this service view, including SDN/NFV components, facilitates different NMS tasks, such as SLA monitoring or NCCM.

The definition, rollout, monitoring, and analysis of services is an integral part of the Service Workflow offered by StableNet®. This workflow is also predestined to ease the management of SDN and NFV infrastructures.

Key Benefits

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Orchestration of large multi-vendor SDN/NFV and legacy environments

StableNet® supports over 125 different standardized and vendor-specific interfaces and protocols.

Increased availability and mitigation of failures in mixed environments

StableNet® Fault and Impact Modules with the SDN extension combines a device-based automated Root Cause Analysis with a service-based impact analysis.

KPI measurements and SLA assurance

The StableNet® Performance Module combines traditional monitoring approaches, such as NetFlow with new SDN and NFV monitoring approaches.

Automated service provisioning, including SDN/NFV

StableNet® offers support of various standardized and vendor-specific virtualization solutions to pave the way for NFV deployments, while keeping track of the configuration and policy violations & vulnerabilities.


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