Tagging & Grouping

A key to automation

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Tagging is more than just unlimited categories

With the StableNet® Tagging and Grouping capabilities, you can organize all the relevant network data precisely as you desire. A small revolution in the way that data can be handled for management and orchestration. Large amounts of information can be correlated and processed helping you to focus on your individual tasks and optimize your daily workflows.

Tagging & Grouping in StableNet®


Automated Grouping

of information that belongs together

Automated Tagging

200 predefined tag categories ready to use
+ option to use customizable tags

Automated Filtering

focus on most relevant information


Improved Searching

find needed information


Improved Handling

of overall workflow/processes
StableNet® Roboter

Key Benefits

See what StableNet® can do for you and why it matters


Flexible filtering and grouping

Elements can be easily filtered or grouped (including AND, OR, NOT, and nesting).


Multiple tree type views

Tree hierarchy can be configured and modified according to your requirements.


Element selection

Elements are auto-positioned during discovery into the navigation tree e.g. by their domain, type, and relations; they can also be moved and grouped within the tree structure to map to organizational structures.


Data at your fingertips

Relations and inheritance in the various tree type views provide full flexibility with accessing the needed data allowing to make adequate decisions.


Analysis and reporting

By tree navigation and by combination via element selection elements can be easily grouped together for real-time analysis and reporting, as well as history reporting.



Generic access to attributes and user-definable content of all related objects.


Take a deeper dive and explore StableNet® resources

See Tagging & Grouping in action in our “Tagging, Tag Filters, Tag Trees Tutorial on YouTube.

View a Snapshot on this topic: “Advanced use of filters and tagging in reporting Snapshot on YouTube.

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Tagging & Grouping

A key to automation

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