New Module Extensions in StableNet®

Summary: This article by our CTO Marius Heuler explains two module extensions that were originally driven by customer projects, but made available for generic interest: The “Global Syslog and Trap Distributor” & the “Distributed Derived Rule”

Driven by current customer projects, we have developed new StableNet® extensions and modules. In the following we would like to introduce you to two of these new modules:


The first is the “Global Syslog and Trap Distributor”. These are measurements that define rules for how received traps or syslogs should be processed for alerting in status measurements. Typically, they are used in combination with DRG (Dynamic Rule Generation) to generate individual alarms on devices based on the syslog or trap data received.

Previously, these measurements had to be defined for each agent in the system.  Now, a single “syslog and trap distribution” measurement can be configured to be used for all agents! The syslog or trap data can be sent either directly from the device or from an element manager that creates the syslog or trap measurements in a centralized way.


The “Derived Rule” measurement is often used for monitoring services in MSP environments. Often, a single KPI is not sufficient to define the state of an entity such as a service (e.g., a customer network or a complex application). You need to combine multiple KPIs with a formula to correctly determine the state.

While the “Derived Rule” measurement required running it on the same agent, each agent now knows the state of all monitors in the system. State changes are distributed directly, without delay, using advanced synchronization for HA (High Availability) agent support. You can now use the monitors of any measurements of the system when Distributed Derived Rule is enabled.

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