Visit Infosim® at TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2024

June 18th – 20th, 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark

TM Forum is leading the industry in defining the building blocks for new operating models, impactful new partnerships, and advanced software platforms.

We are proud TM Forum partners and are happy to be regularly joining the Catalyst program – and even winning awards for our joint projects.

This year, we are excited to connect with fellow industry professionals and showcase our automated network & service management solution StableNet®.

You will join this fair too? Then let’s meet up!

To ensure a productive and informative visit, you can schedule an appointment with us by filling out the form below.

Happy to see you soon!

Also stay tuned for our participation on the Open Innovation Catalyst: “Autonomous networks hyperloops – Phase V” together with numerous partners.

This project aims to develop a digital platform that enhances emergency management by providing 24/7 access to critical data, improved situational awareness, faster response times, and increased consistency of response.

Leveraging autonomous networks, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital twins, the project seeks to optimize resource allocation and operational efficiency during crises such as natural disasters and conflicts.

Ultimately, the project aims to lessen the impact of disasters, minimize loss of life, and improve overall disaster response and recovery efforts.

More Information on this Catalyst.

Meet us!

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