Infosim® won the TM Forum Catalyst Award 2017: “Outstanding Ecosystem Design using CurateFx”

This is the second phase of the Infosim® award-winning Catalyst presented in Nice 2016 with TWI – The Welding Institute, EnterpriseWeb, and Infosim®. This year, we were happy to welcome two additional champions, Telecom Italia and BT Group, as well as Infosys as a new participant.

What started with Robots-as-a-Service last year, has now been extended to Factory-as-a-Service by creating a “Logical Factory”, i.e. a platform underpinned by Industry 4.0 philosophies, that integrates and connects digitally numerous manufacturing systems across disparate facilities.

Within this Catalyst, Infosim® is the resource-facing manager of managers. With StableNet®, an overview of the telco domain as well as the IoT domain is given.

More information on the Catalysts can be found here.


Logical Factory: Virtualizing Manufacturing for Agility
“Outstanding Ecosystem Design using CurateFx”

TM Forum recognizes Infosim® as BEST NEW CATALYST 2016

Catalysts are rapid-fire, member-driven, innovative, proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges.

“Smart Industrial Manufacturing – Robots as a Service” is the project title of a cooperation between EnterpriseWeb, TWI – The Welding Institute, and Infosim®. It is all about driving the factory of the future forward. The project was initiated in context of TM Forum Live! 2016.

With the best innovative concept and use case of the Catalysts, Infosim® was awarded “Best New Catalyst”.

Please find the PDF version of the press release via the link below:

Infosim® wins Best New Catalyst at TM Forum Live! 2016


Smart Industrial Manufacturing: Robots as a Service

CIO Review recognizes Infosim® StableNet® as one of the

In their annual listing of 20 companies that are in the forefront of providing networking technology solutions and impacting the marketplace, CIOReview has recognized Infosim® as one of the 20 MOST PROMISING NETWORKING SOLUTION PROVIDERS 2015. Read all about StableNet®, the “Unified Solution for Automated Network Management” on page 28 of the CIOReview online version here.

You can also download the PDF version of the article mentioned above via the link below:

Download the CIO Review (March 6th, 2015)

CIO Review Award: Most promising Networking Solution Providers 2015

Enterprise Managements Associates (EMA™) Radar for
Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring Systems (ENAMS) Q3 2014

For this EMA™ Radar report, specific focus has been placed on two areas: the core capabilities and features that address network operators’ needs to ensure health and availability of the network; and the overall practitioner experience in procoring, deploying, administering, and using specific ENAMS products. In all, 17 products from 16 vendor suppliers are reviewed and compared in this study… [more]

EMA™ Award: Infosim® Value Leader for ENAMS 2014

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA™) Radar for
Enterprise Network Management Systems (ENMS) Q4 2012

In this EMA™ Radar report, 16 current ENMS solutions coming from 15 vendor providers are reviewed and compared according to a broad range of measures regarding both product strength and overall cost efficiency, as well as in terms of the overall strength of the vendors themselves… [more]

EMA™ Award: Infosim® Value Leader for ENMS 2012

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