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StableNet® helps you monitor and manage your business activity

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Network Configuration & Change

Fault Management &
Root Cause Analysis

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IT Management

StableNet® delivers all your basic infrastructure management processes such as connectivity monitoring, host monitoring, network device monitoring, application, and service monitoring as well as threshold monitoring.

Connectivity Monitoring

  • Mining and analyzing data
  • Resolving network performance issues, conduct security audits, or test the status and check link efficiency
  • Responding to operational requirements in terms of user experience, support for new applications, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness

Host Monitoring

  • It is essential to know the status of the hosts, whether you co-locate your servers in a datacenter or keep them in your own server room
  • All applications and higher-level functions depend on correct resources provided by the underlying hardware and operating system

Router & Switch Monitoring

  • Active network components such as routers and switches are the key elements of today’s IT systems
  • Monitoring vital characteristics of network devices and correlating them with network and application performances
  • Any change to the configuration of switches and routers at any time can have devastating effects on the reliability of the network and the services provided

VoIP Monitoring

  • VoIP technology presents new challenges for management of service quality and service availability
  • Voice quality degradation in VoIP transmission is a result of packet loss, delays, jitter, and non-linear distortions

Application Monitoring

  • Managing complex multi-tiered software systems, such as collaboration tools or databases
  • Monitoring your applications to detect and respond to problems before the end-user is even aware of one

Threshold Monitoring

  • StableNet® provides meaningful alarm information that effectively improves network availability, reliability, and maintains user productivity.

Business Process Management

StableNet® provides a high-performance solution that monitors business activity for processes and applications in distributed environments. This improves revenue generation by enabling business users to preempt problems with predictive KPIs, detect business situations, and manage them.

Business Process Modeling:

StableNet® allows simple modeling of complex distributed business processes with a GUI.

Business Process Monitoring:

Business process monitoring ensures immediate detection of a problem in important revenue generating processes. It documents the service level as well, and it is effective in the planning and decision-making process.

Customer Benefits:


Reduce end-user outages by proactive managing performance and availability trends


Measure the end-user experience using consistent, repeatable end-user transactions from multiple locations


Use a product that supports a large number of protocols, technologies, and environments


Accelerate time to resolution

Model and monitor your business processes from hardware components right across the layers through to application modules to enable proactive Performance Management and predictive Trend Analysis.

StableNet® Feature resources

The leading network management tool is StableNet®

Performance Features

Check out some of the key functionalities

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Network, Service & Traffic Analysis

Ultimate network transparency

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SD-WAN Monitoring

StableNet® helps you to operate SD-WAN and to meet your SLA commitments towards your customers

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Cloud Monitoring

Full stack monitoring for all your cloud services

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Capacity Planning

Anticipate future financial and resource investment requirements

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IT-Management & Business Process Management

Model and monitor your business processes

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Service Oriented Architecture & APIs

StableNet® technology revolutionizes the management of large heterogeneous network infrastructures

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FTTx service delivery solution

Simplify roll-outs and build long-term customer value

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Integrating Telemetry into Your Network

From SNMP to Telemetry: One holistic platform solution to manage it all

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Network Audits that ensure compliance and enhance security

A platform solution for everything you need to manage your complex network and service infrastructure

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Comprehensive Network Visibility

Because you can’t manage what you can’t see!

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Customizable dashboards

Create user-driven dashboards and reporting for the information you need

Ready for multi-vendor network management?

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