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The role of StableNet® in cloud monitoring

Multi-Cloud Monitoring with StableNet®

StableNet® is the perfect solution to put these new technologies under an umbrella together with legacy IT systems in order to ensure business continuity.



Available performance parameters

  • Service Availability (%)
  • Used Disk Capacity (MB)
  • Success End-to-End Latency
  • Percentage CPU (%)
  • Input/Output Data throughput (MB)
  • … and a lot of additional parameters

Example: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Monitoring of Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) – VMs of AWS
  • Monitoring of Elastic Block Storage (EWS) – virtual storage of AWS
  • Monitoring through the API of AWS CloudWatch

Comparable functionality on Azure, Google Cloud

Support for Office 365

What cloud management with StableNet® looks like

Multi-Cloud Monitoring Example 1: Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 Monitoring

This customer dashboard offers an example for Office 365 monitoring. It helps to get a quick overview of processing times and other KPIs for various typical tasks in Office applications, such as Calendar, Contact, Mail, and OneDrive.

Multi-Cloud Monitoring Example 2: AWS Monitoring

AWS Monitoring

In this example, we show a StableNet® WeatherMap with an overview on various AWS KPIs, links between sites, etc. – Among others, StableNet® is measuring CPU Utilization, Disk Read/Write Speeds, and Network In&Out.

Multi-Cloud Monitoring Example 3: Unified SDN, NFV & Cloud Monitoring

Unified SDN, NFV & Cloud

This dashboard shows multi-cloud monitoring integrated in a larger overall context. Public and private clouds (VMware, OpenStack, and AWS) combined with SDN (ONOS, OpenDaylight, OpenFlow) as well as legacy infrastructure.



(Monitoring of other cloud services on request)


Take a deeper dive and explore StableNet® resources

8 reasons for cloud monitoring with StableNet®

We take care of your services – you have peace of mind


Monitoring security, reliability, and performance speed


Vendor-agnostic monitoring of your cloud services


Easy to integrate while keeping the existing workflow


Highly scalable according to your requirements


Applicable for your entire network infrastructure


Complete operational visibility of your services


Quick root cause determination


Immediate alerts if thresholds are exceeded

Cloud Service Monitoring

(re)Gain control of your Cloud Services

Cloud services face multiple risks, which do require a stringent and holistic services management. The typical cloud computing service is composed of multiple key-building blocks which do all need to perform and interwork as a chain of specific services, to gain and maintain customer acceptance – and thus needs to be monitored and managed in a holistic way.

If a cloud service reliability and quality is not accepted or trusted by a user, a competitive service could be just a mouse click away – and this business is lost. This does apply to individual users and even more to corporate customers, which heavily depend on services quality.

Application slow, network innocent?

Many people tend to always make the network responsible for any cloud/Internet application not working properly. Proving their assumption wrong is not an easy task.
Different silos, potential „monitoring blind spots“, and missing reference measurements are just some of the typical challenges in a network administrator’s life.

Time to prove that it is not your network →

Prove that it is not your network!

  • Holistic Network, Cloud & Application Monitoring
  • Cross Vendor, Cross Technology, Cross Silo
  • Distributed reference measurements with cost-efficient probing

Providing these services, StableNet® enables the correlation of different measurement sources, the quantification of quality levels and the anticipation of failures.

That way, you can prove that it’s not your network!

Managing the challenges of monitoring, analysis and reporting

Automate your cloud and IT infrastructure management with automated discovery, automated best practices monitoring and reporting

Document the provided services quality to management and to your business customers

Show the current services quality in near real-time via dashboards to operations and customers

Gain your holistic cloud IT services status from LAN, WAN, load balancers, firewalls, IT server, up to Web servers, IT application servers installations, and E2E synthetic transactions monitors by one vendor-agnostic management system

Gain this cloud IT services visibility by an already integrated management solution, running on one consistent services data model instead of trying to integrate a zoo of multi-tier and multi-silo management tools over and over again

Gain the real-time IT-/cloud services systems status and performance visibility you require to show and demonstrate as the most efficient IT operations team and IT management

Have a solution in place to indicate upcoming bottlenecks and get solid data, where to do right-size investments in time in the infrastructure – before your growing business will hit back on your operations

Performance Features

Check out some of the key functionalities

Stablenet Performance Icon

Network, Service & Traffic Analysis

Ultimate network transparency

Stablenet Performance Icon

SD-WAN Monitoring

StableNet® helps you to operate SD-WAN and to meet your SLA commitments towards your customers

Stablenet Performance Icon

Cloud Monitoring

Full stack monitoring for all your cloud services

Stablenet Performance Icon

Capacity Planning

Anticipate future financial and resource investment requirements

Stablenet Performance Icon

IT-Management & Business Process Management

Model and monitor your business processes

Stablenet Performance Icon

Service Oriented Architecture & APIs

StableNet® technology revolutionizes the management of large heterogeneous network infrastructures

Stablenet Performance Icon

FTTx service delivery solution

Simplify roll-outs and build long-term customer value

Stablenet Performance Icon

Integrating Telemetry into Your Network

From SNMP to Telemetry: One holistic platform solution to manage it all

Stablenet Performance Icon

Network Audits that ensure compliance and enhance security

A platform solution for everything you need to manage your complex network and service infrastructure

Stablenet Performance Icon

Comprehensive Network Visibility

Because you can’t manage what you can’t see!

Stablenet Performance Icon

Customizable dashboards

Create user-driven dashboards and reporting for the information you need

Ready for multi-vendor network management?

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