SD-WAN Monitoring

Optimize your branch network through SD-WAN monitoring

SD-WAN Monitoring made simple

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) is currently one of the significant drivers in the Telco and IT industry due to digital transformation. With the rising adoption of private and public cloud solutions in enterprise networking, also the use of SD-WAN has grown. SD-WAN is often integrated in a multi-cloud strategy as it improves connectivity and boosts security. StableNet® offers holistic SD-WAN monitoring across different vendors and providers – all KPIs in one place seamlessly combined with the well-known unified network and services management.
SD-WAN Monitoring with StableNet® Graphic
StableNet® is the perfect solution for you to put these new technologies under one umbrella together with legacy IT systems in order to ensure your business continuity.

SD-WAN Monitoring Key Benefits


Simplification of branch networks


Ensuring of your network security


Assuring of optimal application performance


Increased agility of your business and network


Reduction of your costs


Control on your investment

What SD-WAN monitoring in StableNet® looks like

Cisco Viptela monitoring

In this example we show the list of properties of a cisco viptela installation. This installation has been automatically discovered by StableNet® using SNMP.

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