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Network Audits with StableNet®

A platform solution for everything you need to manage your complex network and service infrastructure

Network audit software can be instrumental to network operators of large, complex environments to ensure compliance and enhance security. It is a critical component to proactive network and service management.

However, most solutions

  • are limited in their functionality,
  • require learning yet another tool,
  • and lack a focus on automation.

A network and service management platform like StableNet® provides an ideal opportunity to consolidate a wide range of tasks, from discovery of your multi-vendor environment to automated root cause analysis.

By combining and automating redundant management tasks associated with complex network environments, StableNet® is a scalable solution whether you are using legacy systems, cloud-based infrastructures, or a combination of various technologies. By combining all of this with end of life (EoL), vulnerabilities, and compliance and policy checking at regular intervals, you not only free up network operation resources but benefit from a holistic approach to network management with a single GUI that runs the entire gamut of tasks that you need.

Still have questions on how to optimize your network audits? Discover how StableNet® can help in a quick demo.

Advantages of Network Audits with StableNet®

Stay compliant and safe with a holistic network management platform that does it all

The network audit process with StableNet® is highly automated, scalable and customizable, so that your network always stays ahead of the curve. The main advantages of using StableNet® are:
  • Scalable: StableNet® is a system that grows with you and your needs and requirements
  • Customizable: With the StableNet® vendor- and technology-independent network and service management platform, you do not have to adapt your workflow to StableNet®, but StableNet® adapts to you.
  • Highly Automated: Together with the consolidation of various management tools into one platform, automation forms the basis of StableNet®, which gives you a wider range of simplified and standardized workflows.
  • “Future-Proof”: Due to its vendor- and technology-independence, StableNet® offers you a high degree of agility and freedom in designing your network architecture.

In this graphic you can see an overview of management tasks related to network audits and how they can be automated with corresponding StableNet® processes.

While new protocols and technologies continue to provide advantages to the functionality and scalability of network devices and infrastructures, StableNet® has a portfolio of services, features and functionalities to manage even the most complex infrastructures. And with StableNet® as a Service, your solution can even be hosted in the cloud for quick and easy deployment.

From capacity planning to root cause analysis, StableNet® provides an array of automated, easy-to-use solutions geared towards helping businesses of any size.

As a leading 4-in-1 solution StableNet® covers functions from the following four pillars:
Discovery Icon

Discovery &

Improve network efficiency
and capture your assets
for insights

StableNet Configuration Icon

Network Configuration & Change

Reduce configuration errors with vendor independent automation

Stablenet Fault Icon

Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis

Resolve network problems quickly by getting pinpointed to the root cause

Stablenet Performance Icon

Performance &

Continuously measure KPIs and monitor SLAs to stay in control

Choose your solution – On premise or cloud based

Software adjusted to your needs

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software. Our network & service management solution comes in many different shapes and is adjustable to your needs.

StableNet® Telco

A unified Telco-grade solution providing Service Assurance, Service Fulfillment, Fault, Performance, automated Root Cause Analysis, Network Change & Configuration Management with open interfaces into your OSS environment.


StableNet® Enterprise

A unified management solution for IT Services, VoIP and Network Providers providing Fault, Performance, Root Cause Analysis, and Network Change & Configuration Management.


StableNet® as a Service

Software as a Service: On-demand application delivery – get the benefits of StableNet® without all of the up-front cost or ongoing complexity of maintenance.


Our Collateral on Network Audits

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Of course you will be able to ask questions afterwards and to get in touch with our StableNet® experts.

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