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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring & End-to-End Service Quality Assurance:

An Automated & Cross-Technology Solution to Network & Service Management

See how the integration of private and public cloud monitoring with StableNet® ensures proactive management through a transparent control mechanism of your entire multi-technology environment.

Background & Motivation

Background & Motivation

“Something is wrong with the network.” For network operators, this all-too-common complaint is a daily puzzle that they must solve. Whether you’re a telco operator looking to deliver on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or an enterprise customer managing your geographically sprawling cross-technology network environment, you need to find a quick and efficient solution. With the rapid adoption rates of public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Office 365, and others, it is more important than ever to adopt a holistic network and service management solution that can monitor and troubleshoot increasingly complex infrastructures.

While cloud service provider tools allow for oversight and monitoring capabilities, these are yet more examples of proprietary solutions that only handle a single part of your network. End to-end services more commonly incorporate multiple technologies, often including legacy infrastructure. Multi-cloud and hybrid services can be most effectively maintained if you are able to do so from a single platform and within a single GUI. The fragmented distribution of servers, regional networks, virtual systems, containers, and STM (Security Threat Management) systems needs to be consolidated under a single umbrella approach. An ideal solution would allow you to automate discovery, monitoring, root cause analysis and reporting functionalities all within a single user interface (and without giving too much away, with StableNet® you can do all of this and more!).

Multi-Cloud Monitoring

Figure 1: Multi-Cloud Monitoring in StableNet® using the example of Office 365

StableNet® Solution

StableNet® Solution

The key to StableNet®’s unique approach lies in the strategic deployment of small StableNet® Embedded Agents (SNEAs) that are distributed to monitor the entirety of your network infrastructure. SNEAs are smaller than a shoebox, incorporate distributed cooling to manage heat without the need of loud fans, and can be placed almost anywhere. With wired and wireless (WiFi) connection to your network, including a failover ability to connect via cellular services (LTE/UMTS), it is a solution that is both elegant and secure. One of the greatest advantages is that, by placing the SNEAs in your actual environment(s), you obtain realistic measurements that reflect actual performance.
StableNet® is able to access public cloud services through multiple protocols, including existing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This integration, along with the distributed SNEAs, provides the basic framework for a holistic, cross technology solution that can be both highly automated as well as -customized to meet your specific needs. The various APIs can thus be consolidated under a single platform and provide multiple performance parameters that can be aggregated and correlated with your entire end to-end network and service delivery solution.
Once you have integrated your multiple technologies, be it legacy, SDN/NFV, telemetry or multi-cloud, you have access to a powerful StableNet® engine which is able to drive the entirety of your network and service management needs. Your once fragmented infrastructure that required multiple tools to manage can now be entirely maintained in a single user interface. You can choose the KPIs that matter to you and track them across silos to achieve a holistic overview. With unified dashboards, weather maps, fault and reporting capabilities, your new scalable platform allows for a far-more simplified and powerful network operator control system.
Monitoring Blind Spots

Figure 2: Get rid of challenges like different silos, potential „monitoring blind spots“, and missing reference measurements. StableNet® enables you to find correlations between different measurement sources, anticipate failures and deliver consistent, high-quality results.

Benefits & Results

Benefits & Results

The next time someone asks what’s wrong with the network, with StableNet® you can easily identify and trace the origin, regardless of what it may be. As cloud services become more prominent, perhaps the problem isn’t even in the network itself. This ability to proactively track and maintain hybrid network infrastructures is immensely powerful and has far-reaching implications. You are able to choose whichever technology best suits your current needs, to streamline and simplify network operator responsibilities, and to free up critical resources that can be invested in tasks and activities that will help your business grow.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified, powerful solution based on one convergent platform (cross-vendor, -technology, & -silo)
  • Application Monitoring using active End-to-End measurements
  • Consolidation and correlation of different measurement sources
  • Visualization & reporting tailored to your needs
  • Integration of new technologies (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Office365, etc. )
  • Anticipation of failures due to continuous, pro-active 24/7 measurements
  • Automated grouping, filtering and aggregation of data
  • Convenient, scalable setup & discovery

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