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A Cross-Technology, -Layer, and -Vendor solution that will give you new insight into your network

Change the way you see and manage your Telco network and services with the Service Analyzer by StableNet® and unleash your potential for effective, efficient oversight

Background & Motivation

Background & Motivation

What do subway maps, bar charts, and Venn diagrams have in common? They are more than just a novel way of representing data. The rapidity with which we gain insight into large, abstract data sets is fundamentally different when triggered by information visualization. The truism “a picture is worth a thousand words” is inspired by exactly this: cognition, understanding, and decision making are greatly amplified through graphical depictions. For Telcos looking to manage sprawling, technologically diverse networks, the complexity of managing and maintaining their network and services is significantly facilitated by the unified service visualization tool offered by StableNet®.

Telecommunication management networks are comprised of a staggering number of Network Elements (NEs) in order for end-to-end services to reach their final destination. Typically, each vendor will provide their own proprietary Element Management System in order to manage the functions and capabilities of its respective NEs. Without a vendor-agnostic, cross-technology network and services management platform, network engineers would be forced to waste time and resources first learning and then switching between various user interfaces in order to achieve even the simplest of tasks. In the rare case that a Network Management System is able to aggregate this data, the complexity of these networks (with multiple layers, technologies, vendor interfaces, and services) requires dynamic, customizable, graphical representations in order to facilitate oversight.



“Information visualization techniques applied to management datasets can be a powerful tool to aid network administrators to recognize behaviors and patterns, especially in situations where human reasoning is critical” (Guimaraes et al., 2015)
StableNet® is designed from the ground up to be the only tool you need to manage your complex network and services. With a unified platform built upon a single code base and able to integrate multiple data sources, you can achieve a holistic view of end-to-end services such as MEF-defined services, various IP/MPLS-based VPNs and even newer software defined (SDN) and virtualized networking technologies (NFV). Through SNMP or standard interfaces such as MTOSI, StableNet® establishes interfaces with various Element Managers in order to bring in your data. And with the powerful Discovery Engine, users have the freedom to import and customize their own services and SLAs for automated outputs and visualizations.
With the Service Analyzer by StableNet®, network operators are not only able to get an overview of the network and services being provided, but can also drill down into specific instances, filter by various technologies and protocols, and enjoy the benefits of simplified, graphical depictions in order to glean new information. These visualizations are dynamic and provide real time, automated and current views of what is going on.
While the Service Analyzer does offer a traditional table view, it can do much more. You can choose between logical and neighborhood views, see your services as topographies or weather maps, and filter out individual services or view them all to see their relationship to one another. And the images you get can be saved as simple vector graphics (SVG) to allow you to further share or customize your output and reports.

Benefits & Results

Benefits & Results

You can’t manage what you can’t see and blind spots can have serious managerial consequences, especially on your ability to deliver reliable, consistent, high quality services. The capability to see the entirety of your network and services from within one user interface provides immense value to network operators who are globally disperse and possess different levels of mastery. With StableNet®, you have access to a dynamic, unified overview that incorporates network elements from multiple technologies, vendors and layers with the added benefit of providing the flexibility to consolidate information from multiple data sources with business-relevant parameters that matter to you.

For effective decision making, access to high quality data is not enough. The extracted information needs to be coded, organized and presented in a meaningful way. With the Service Analyzer by StableNet®, data visualization is optimized through multiple graphical views that can give new insight into your network and services. After all, management requires information but it also requires human reasoning. StableNet® not only consolidates the entirety of your multi-vendor and –technology network and services in one user-friendly interface, but it gives you the best tools available to identify patterns and use that data to make informed decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Radically improved oversight of entirety of network and services through data visualization
  • Ability to customize user-defined services and graphics
  • Compatibility with even the newest technologies and protocols
  • A powerful, unified solution that functions cross-technologies, -layers and -vendors

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