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Do you struggle with your network not working the way you want? Are there gaps in information preventing you from achieving holistic oversight?

Whether you’re grappling with issues related to network audits, downtime, too many manual resources being wasted on redundant tasks, or missing network insights, this page serves as your comprehensive resource for hassle-free network management solutions.

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Afraid of Network Audits

Proactive audits provide security & sustained growth

Network Outages & Downtime

Reduce MTTR & fulfill SLAs

Lack of Automation

Free up resources & eliminate manual redundancies

Missing Network Insights

You can´t manage what you can´t see!

Afraid of Network Audits

Proactive audits provide security & sustained growth

Take a moment and think about your network. Do you frequently struggle with security gaps and vulnerabilities in your network?

As a company, you have to comply at least with the minimum standards for security in your network. These clear legal requirements and obligations include installing updates, regular maintenance/monitoring and documenting activities related to network security and health. Imagine how much easier this would be with an automated solution in place!

The consequences of vulnerabilities that are not addressed are serious: cyberattacks, malware, DDoS, power outages, equipment failures, just to list a few. But that’s not all; in case of a security leak you risk not only financial damage, but also the value of your brand and the trust of your customers.

Network audits, both voluntary and mandatory, are therefore an integral part of proactive network management. These include comprehensive vulnerability and lifecycle management, policy and configuration compliance checks, and more.

Performing such an audit manually is not only time-consuming, but also resource-intensive.

Sounds exhausting? Don’t worry!

We’ll show you how you can not only automate this process, but also customize it to your needs.

Network Audits with StableNet®


  • Cross-vendor and cross-technology network and service management platform
  • Comprehensive reporting function with ready-made templates (for SOX, PCI-DSS and NSA, among others)
  • Network audits as an integral part of a holistic network and service management solution
  • Detailed risk assessment with lifecycle management, vulnerability and configuration governance
  • Compliance with policy regulations/obligations
  • Consolidated toolset for direct problem-solving
  • Highly automated processes with fast results


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Network Outages & Downtime

Reduce MTTR & fulfill SLAs

300 thousand US dollars. That’s the minimum how much a single hour of downtime costs 91% of all medium-sized and large companies. [1]

For 91% of all medium- and large-sized companies, the average cost of a single hour of downtime is approximately $300k.

Time is precious because every minute your network is down, you lose money (and customer goodwill) .

In your service level agreements (SLAs), you guarantee your customers a certain scope of service performance, such as scope and quality of service, response time and availability. Do you always adhere to these? Do your partners who offer you services also adhere to their SLAs?

You must detect errors, find the cause and implement a resolution quickly. It may sound simple at first, but many companies still struggle with a long MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution).

Fault management is a multi-layered process whose success depends on several factors. Among other things, this process relies on up-to-date network insight/overview, intelligent correlations and rule sets, as well as automated analyses.

Do you also frequently struggle with network outages and have a hard time identifying and resolving root causes?

Now imagine a network management solution that uses its automated discovery to scan your complex, multi-technology network for faults in near real-time, plus has automated root cause analysis that uses intelligent correlations to quickly detect, classify, investigate and diagnose problems, and provides seamless integration with your trouble ticket system. Sounds like a dream?

Let us show you how you can make this happen.

StableNet® Fault Management


  • Combination of discovery and monitoring system with a very efficient and automated root cause analysis
  • Automatically create, update and clear trouble tickets based on monitored network performance
  • Improve management of Service Level Agreements
  • Enjoy customizable solutions to facilitate company-specific workflows
  • Flexible interfaces for integration of various industry-leading ITSM (IT Service Management) platforms
  • Root cause trouble ticket creation to alleviate pressure on support resources
  • Single, consolidated platform for entire array of network & service management tasks
  • Live, on-demand dashboards and scheduled reports


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Lack of Automation

Free up recources & eliminate manual redundancies

Let’s be honest … by now everyone is aware that automation is immensly important due to increasing complexity and requirements.

You probably also already rely on an automated network management solution, because manual network management would result in enormous costs, time and resources and can no longer be reconciled with increasingly stringent and demanding customer requirements.

But not all automation is the same.

Think about your own solution for a moment. Are you satisfied with the performance and level of automation? Does it meet all your needs and requirements?

Often, automation in network management solutions reaches its limits and does not fully span all areas.

So, for example, the network is being automatically discovered and there are automatically configured analyses taking place. With a potentially different network management tool you are automating your alarming and fault management processes. Yet another product is being used for automating network and change management. The lack of consolidation of this zoo of tools results in isolated silos that make data flow and thus network management more challenging.

And when we begin to take into consideration the need for a vendor-independent solution, not to mention a scalable platform that accomodates growth, many solutions fall by the wayside.

Are you tired of reaching the limits of your capabilities? Are you looking to boost your current performance and pave the way for future growth?

Let us show you how you can take network automation to another level.

A quick overview of some possibilities for automation with StableNet®

  • Network & service management platform built entirely upon a single data structure allowing for automation to be cross-vendor, -silo & -technologies
  • Effective management of large multi-vendor environments, including those experiencing rapid growth from NFV, SDN, BYOD, and IoT
  • Automated measurements for a wider range of simplified and standardized workflows
  • Basis for the automation: Automatic grouping and tagging of information that belongs together
  • Automated configuration and change management with integrated life cycle monitoring
  • Quick adaptation of weak points, identified e.g. during policy and vulnerability checking
  • Scalability and customization according to your individual needs


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Missing Network Insights

You can´t manage what you can´t see!

Companies today have to deliver on multiple fronts. They not only have to guarantee the security of their network, meet their SLAs, plan the capacity of their resources appropriately, but also measure and monitor traffic flow and performance.

And what is the basic requirement for all this? Comprehensive network visibility.

Because you obviously can’t manage what you can’t see.

Do you often have to deal with limitations in your network visibility? Don’t worry, having 100% network visibility everywhere and all the time is impossible.

Furthermore, comprehensive network visibility can mean different things to different companies. For example, some service providers may only need to see what type of packet was transmitted from A to B and when the transmission occured. For others, they need to know the exact content of the packet. Network visibility therefore depends on the requirements and scope of your network.

Network management solutions are often limited to just a broad superficial visibility or they cover a very specific use case. All this sounds quite complex? So how do I find a network management solution that can cover everything I need?

Network visibility is an ongoing task of your network management that must remain scalable at all times as your network grows in size and complexity. Therefore, your network management solution must be able to proactively respond to changes in your network infrastructure.

The key to success is 3rd party integration. We’ll show you how!

StableNet® – a complete solution for network visibility

  • Combination of a wide range of diverse functionalities in a single solution
  • 4-in-1 solution consolidating network configuration, fault and performance management as well as discovery and inventory
  • Highly automated cross-vendor and cross-technology network and service management platform
  • Effective data integration through intelligent data normalization
  • Maintaining and comparing actual & target states of the network
  • Easy integration of third party vendors through open interfaces
  • Topology and network performance information through several data sources for complete network visibility
  • Comprehensive out of the box insights into the activities of your network through weathermaps, dashboards and more


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Find your Individual Solution with StableNet®

Whether you’re grappling with issues related to network audits, downtime, too many manual resources being waisted on redundant tasks, or missing network insights, let us help you find an individual solution to your problem(s).

Request a StableNet® Demo, where we will discuss your individual use case and help you find the best possible solution!

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