Internet of Things

Networks have evolved and expanded far beyond traditional endpoints. Essentially every area of our world can now be both interconnected and monitored via simple Internet-connected sensors and devices.

With this growth in BYOD, VoIP, SDN/NFV switches and routers, and IoT today’s network managers are faced with the main two challenges of SCALABILITY and SECURITY.

What can you expect from StableNet®?

Selected IoT use cases & corresponding screenshots

StableNet Interactive Failure Analysis

Smart City Umbrella Management

StableNet Multi-cloud and Office 365 Monitoring

Industrial IoT Management

StableNet Flow Portal

Home IoT Lab

Top 5 challenging questions

in IoT network management

How can I make sure the IoT device is still there and providing plausible data?
How can I securely communicate with IoT devices?
How can I do automated policy and vulnerability checks?
How can I consolidate multiple network and IoT sensor information to optimize my maintenance processes and reduce MTTR, effort, and overall costs?
How can I track and revert changes on IoT devices?

StableNet® delivers Unified Network Management with Intel

We bring the industry-readiness the customers are requesting

StableNet® leads the way in a connected world

How to thrive in managing large-scale global IoT networks


Physical devices, services, business workflows


Monitoring across vendors, hardware, services


Easy to integrate while keeping the existing workflow


Intel SDO for secure onboarding of IoT devices


Compliance and security checks


Less maintenance and operational costs


Reduction of the amount of systems


Support of lots of different use cases

Ready for multi-vendor network management?

The role of StableNet® in IoT

Network monitoring from the edge to the cloud

Our history of supporting ultra-large-scale global networks by implementing StableNet® as a unified network and services management solution makes us uniquely qualified for managing large-scale IoT systems.

StableNet® does not end at device management level but also includes entire networks and clouds.

At Infosim® we have many years of experience in managing IoT environments in different domains using StableNet®.

Network and Cloud Example

Network and Cloud Example


IoT is commonly used in a lot of different contexts and verticals. Below examples provide several use cases, where StableNet® is the right solution. Find out more about Network and Intel® IoT Gateway Management in the proof-of-concept section.

Any-to-Any Management
Smart City
Industry 4.0

Secure Any-to-Any Management including Secure Device Onboarding (SDO)

Intel publishes video about
any-to-any IoT management with StableNet®

Intel publishes video about

any-to-any IoT management with StableNet®

In the IoT space we have been very pleased to partner with Intel since 2016.

With our unified network management solution StableNet® we focus on addressing the core IoT challenge with a flexible, innovative platform based on powerful, high-performance Intel architecture. StableNet® is designed to connect “any-to-any,” providing new levels of assurance and interoperability to both legacy and modern IoT infrastructure.

By enabling protocols, networks, databases, and applications to talk to each other securely, and providing holistic, end-to-end visibility, Infosim® and Intel are enabling viable, cost-effective connectivity with all the accompanying business and end-customer advantages.

Strong partnership with Intel

Architecture for StableNet® SDN/Industrial Intel® IoT Gateway PoC

Architecture for StableNet SDN

Smart City

StableNet® makes smart cities even smarter!

In this sector and within the TM Forum Catalyst 2018, one of the key roles of StableNet®  is the unified and central operation of the digital platform. This encompasses resources and data from the different distributed components building the platform, reaching all the way from the IoT edge through the network to the cloud.

As operations cover mainly monitoring and performance management, alarming and fault management, as well as provisioning and configuration management, StableNet® is the optimal solution fitting these requirements.

The Smart City concept faces the challenges of automating urban development. Transportation grids, electricity, lighting, security, municipal services – all must be addressed.

Industry 4.0

StableNet® drives the industry of the future forward

The key role parts of StableNet® are in the performance management and service assurance sector. For example, within the TM Forum Catalyst 2016, we showed that StableNet® can be used for building the bridge between Telco-oriented APIs and the Enterprise-oriented use case of Smart Industrial Manufacturing. StableNet® leverages a lot of functionality out of the box, e.g.


  • overview dashboards with drill-down functionality
  • geographical status maps
  • performance data analysis
  • reporting
  • use of the mobile app

Within the TM Forum Catalysts in 2017 “Logical Factory: Virtualizing Manufacturing for Agility”, Infosim® is the resource-facing manager of managers; StableNet® also configures and monitors the network.

StableNet® Product Solutions

Network management at your fingertips!

StableNet® Telco

A unified Telco-grade solution providing Service Assurance, Service Fulfillment, Fault, Performance, automated Root Cause Analysis, Network Change & Configuration Management with open interfaces into your OSS environment.

StableNet® Enterprise

A unified management solution for IT Services, VoIP and Network Providers providing Fault, Performance, Root Cause Analysis, and Network Change & Configuration Management.

StableNet® as a Service

Software as a Service: On-demand application delivery – get the benefits of StableNet® without all of the up-front cost or ongoing complexity of maintenance.

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