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StableNet® Policy Checking

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StableNet® performs policy checks on devices and systems, and can execute defined configuration changes by enforcing corporate policies and regulatory requirements, and quickly viewing configuration deviations from internal standards.

Policy Checking Jobs are efficiently handled by distributed StableNet® Agents which are constantly checking configuration deviations from corporate standards. Further, Policy Check Scripts can be used for custom or even more complex checks.
All these checks produce violations or compliant results similar to measurement data. They can be displayed and reported in the StableNet® Group Analyzer and Policy Check Analyzer. If violations are detected, alarms can be raised automatically.

Due to the comprehensive compliance reporting capabilities within StableNet®, compliance-relevant data and business workflows can be monitored.

Policy Compliance & Governance Key Benefits

StableNet® – Next-Generation Network Management Software

Regulatory compliance standards

Define compliance (service) design rules

Remediation action when a compliance policy is violated

Define compliance policies to identify security weaknesses

Compliance reporting

Define baselines & approved configuration compliancy

Policy violation analytics

More NCCM Features

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Config Generator

StableNet's® easy answer for all your configuration needs

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Vulnerability Management

Find and troubleshoot the weaknesses in your network

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Lifecycle & EoX Management

An automated, scalable approach to Lifecycle & EoX Management

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Policy Management

Policy and Compliance Validation

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Zero Touch Provisioning

Fully automated network and services rollout

Ready for automated multi-vendor network management?

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