StableNet® Vulnerability Management

Advanced multi-vendor device vulnerability identification and remediation

Discovery &

Network Configuration & Change

Fault Management &
Root Cause Analysis

Performance &

Vulnerability (CVE) Management

Advanced multi-vendor device vulnerability identification and remediation

You can also take advantage of an annual contracted service which automatically delivers new vulnerability scans for your network. We enrich the vulnerability announcement of different vendors with dedicated checks to minimize the vulnerability risks within your network equipment installations. Automated system vulnerability checks can be run based on Infosim®-enriched vendor-provided vulnerability bulletin information. Reports can be generated showing vulnerability and security compliance.

Your network is immediately checked for any new vulnerability notifications and the time the network is exposed to potential danger will be significantly reduced.
Vulnerability report with history

Vulnerability report with history

Vulnerability report with summary

Vulnerability report with summary

Vulnerability report with detail

Vulnerability report with details

StableNet® Lifecycle Management Benefits

StableNet® – Next-Generation Network Management Software



Ability to handle complex infrastructures automatically.


Policy & compliance validation

Intelligent configuration policy management using advanced logic snippets or scripts.


Maximized service availability & reduced MTTR

through configuration and policy governance.


Reduction of risks

through identification of your devices which are no longer sold, no longer covered by vendor SLAs, or have reached End-of-Life.


Automated reports

Automated generation of reports as well as automated display of reports about affected devices in your network.


Time savings

through automated comparison of measurable rules 24×7 security bulletins with current firmware releases, as well as checking the deployed IOS version states versus available updates.


Proactive intelligent budgeting

Enables planning for future hardware exchange and your budget planning.

StableNet® CVE Resources

The leading network management tool is StableNet®

Learn more about Policies, Vulnerabilities, and EoX in our White Paper.

Watch our StableNet® Tutorial on Automated EoX & Vulnerability.

More NCCM Features

Check out some of the key functionalities

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Config Generator

StableNet's® easy answer for all your configuration needs

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Vulnerability Management

Find and troubleshoot the weaknesses in your network

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Lifecycle & EoX Management

An automated, scalable approach to Lifecycle & EoX Management

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Policy Management

Policy and Compliance Validation

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Zero Touch Provisioning

Fully automated network and services rollout

Ready for multi-vendor network management?

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