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StableNet® combines its real-time analysis system with a very efficient and automated Root Cause Analysis system. Due to its dependency-based analysis algorithm, the base for the root cause system is automatically created from the auto-discovery and inventory data, so there is no need to define rules manually.

The Root Cause Analysis shows the source of the problem, all affected devices and areas, and hereby allows very effective troubleshooting. It is based on both, fault and performance management data. Hence, the otherwise undetected critical service conditions are recognized and highlighted even if the fault management system indicates full availability with degraded performance levels at the same time.

StableNet® Unified Network- Management & Services Platform

The StableNet® Unified Network Management & Services Platform

With StableNet® you can manage the entirety of your multi-vendor, technlogically diverse network within a single GUI. One codebase, one data source and one GUI for one unified solution.


Auto-Triggering & Auto-Clearing

The automated Root Cause Analysis and alarm processing allows to automate the triggering and clearing of trouble tickets by directly addressing the problem-causing element (“Dark NOC” operations).


Stateful Alarm Monitoring

The very efficient StableNet® Alarm State Machine processes and reduces even large volumes of alarms to a usable level.


Quick Isolation

Dependency graphs, based on automatically updated inventory and discovery data, allow an almost instant indication of the root cause and the affected areas which avoids time-consuming rules parsing.

Root-Cause & Impact Analysis Benefits

StableNet® – Next-Generation Network Management Software


Clear & actionable information

A single alarm shows the problem-causing component with the ability to directly drill-down to the respective device which had caused the performance issue or fault.


No manual rules updates

Day-by-day infrastructure changes are automatically tracked by discovery. The rules-free dependency graphs are updated accordingly.


Alarm & event correlation

Intelligent correlation for fast problem identification, classification, investigation, and diagnosis.


Dynamic Rules Generation (DRG)

DRG robotically expands and contracts rule sets to keep troubleshooting data at optimum levels constantly, without human intervention.



of the efficiency of troubleshooting (e.g. ticket number).


Business process integration

Seamless integration into your business processes, e.g. ticket system.


Proactive management

Isolate and fix occurring network problems before customers call.


Cutting down Mean-Time-To-Repair

Minimizing downtime expands your service availability and has a positive impact on your revenue.


Trouble ticket system integration

StableNet® can be configured to interwork and fill in the trouble ticket entries of commonly used trouble ticket and incident management systems.


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Use Case: Trouble Ticketing System Integration with StableNet®

Fault & RCA Features

Check out some of the key functionalities

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Service Assurance

Service Assurance & Service Fulfillment on a single platform.

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Dynamic Rule Generation

DRG is like cruise control for your network rule set

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Root Cause & Impact Analysis

Automate Root Cause Analysis and alarm processing

Ready for multi-vendor network management?

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