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Your challenge

Scalability vs. Aggregation?

Classic fault management approaches include a built-in dilemma: Scalability vs. Aggregation.

On the one hand it is unfeasible to pre-create all possible rules, while on the other hand not having enough rules will leave you with insufficient data to troubleshoot complex scenarios. In addition, more network elements lead to more rules.

StableNet® Roboter

Our solution

Self-regulating Root Cause Analysis

Dynamic Rule Generation (DRG) expands and contracts rules that automatically troubleshoot your network by anticipating all possible scenarios from master rule sets. DRG is like cruise control for your network rule set. It can automatically expand and contract rule sets to keep troubleshooting data at optimum levels constantly, without human intervention.
The StableNet® Discovery generates most of the rules automatically. Further, individual business processes and workflows can be designed on rule sets. StableNet® allows for bi-directional ticket integration which can be customized for automated troubleshooting via alarm scripts according to your individual business workflows.

With StableNet®, standard workflows can be automated, enabling you to focus on the really important issues in your network. Less rules – less maintenance efforts!

Stop manually creating rules! Take your hands off the keyboard and allow the DRG cruise control to take over!

Root-Cause & Impact Analysis Benefits

StableNet® – Next-Generation Network Management Software


Master rule sets

Making sure all required rules are met, without manual pre-creation, providing you with sufficient data.



Bi-directional ticket integration which can be customized to your business workflows.


Rules are kept up to date

A new monitor for each unique alarm that meets its filter criterion is created; the dynamically created monitor only reacts on the value automatically inserted in the monitor property.


Combine events and measurements

DRG works for syslog, trap, status, and script measurements.


Dark NOC

Reduced need for human intervention due to robotically expanding and contracting rule sets.



Enabling of a swift service impact analysis.


Business processes

Monitoring not only of technical events but also of business processes.


Unified approach

Because StableNet® is a unified network management solution, fault management contains all network information.


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Fault & RCA Features

Check out some of the key functionalities

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Service Assurance

Service Assurance & Service Fulfillment on a single platform.

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Dynamic Rule Generation

DRG is like cruise control for your network rule set

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Root Cause & Impact Analysis

Automate Root Cause Analysis and alarm processing

Ready for multi-vendor network management?

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