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Infosim® Intel® POC:
Network and Intel® IoT Gateway Management

Infosim® StableNet® is a unified network management solution designed to integrate into existing telco or enterprise network environments built on both modern SDN architectures or legacy physical infrastructures. StableNet® helps identify and inventory network devices, provides visualizations of network architectures, and enables management, support, and security for network devices.

The Infosim® PoC demonstrated that StableNet® can also make use of Intel® IoT Gateway solutions to help manage and secure connected IoT sensors. After StableNet® software agents were installed on each Intel® IoT Gateway, all gateways and connected sensors and devices could be inventoried, configured, monitored with alerts, secured, and controlled from the StableNet® management console or a web interface. In addition, the solution is highly scalable because processing is offloaded to each device running the StableNet® Agent, rather than centralized on one node or device, which could become a bottleneck.

Intel® Network Builders:

Infosim® Global Webinar – Unified Industrial IoT, SDN, and ICT Infrastructure Management
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Intel® Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast: Service-Aware Service Assurance
Interview with Dr. Stefan Koehler, CEO with Infosim®

TM Forum Live! 2017 Catalyst:
Logical Factory: Virtualizing Manufacturing for Agility

This Catalyst shows the development of a platform underpinned by Industry 4.0 philosophies which integrates and connects digitally numerous manufacturing systems across disparate facilities.

Within this Catalyst, Infosim® is the resource-facing manager of managers. With StableNet®, an overview of the telco domain as well as the IoT domain is given. This solution also offers a dynamic adaption of the status view for different users (e.g. a factory owner or a telco domain manager).

Infosim® won the TM Forum Catalyst Award: “Outstanding Ecosystem Design using CurateFx”.

Champion: BT, Telecom Italia, TWI
Participants: Infosim®, Infosys, EnterpriseWeb

Catalyst Article:

TM Forum Live! 2017 Catalyst:
Cross-layer Integration and API: Orchestrating the Digital Customer Experience

This Catalyst orchestrates efficient and optimized resource usage to meet dynamically varying digital customer needs by leveraging NFV/SDN, analytics, and standard APIs.

Infosim®’s main role in the Catalyst is on the resource layer. With StableNet®, the network is configured and monitored. The perfomance data is made available via TM Forum API.

Champion: Verizon
Wipro, Redknee, Infosim®

Catalyst Article:

TM Forum Live! 2016 Catalyst:
Smart Industrial Manufacturing: Robots as a Service

The Catalyst shows the general applicability of TM Forum assets for new use cases. Moreover, it presents a real-world scenario to potentially save the manufacturing industry billions of dollars in lost capital utilization of industrial robots due to extended downtime for reconfiguration and preventive maintenance that results from disconnected manual processes.

“Smart Industrial Manufacturing – Robots as a Service” is the project title of a cooperation between EnterpriseWeb, TWI – The Welding Institute, and Infosim®. It is all about driving the factory of the future forward. The project was initiated in context of TM Forum Live! 2016.

With the best innovative concept and use case of the Catalysts, Infosim® was awarded “Best New Catalyst”.
Infosim® wins Best New Catalyst at TM Forum Live! 2016

Champions: TWI
Participants: EnterpriseWeb, Infosim®

Catalyst Article:

Interview with Dave Duggal & Darren Williams about Smart Industrial Manufacturings
Catalyst Demo about Robots as a Service
Infosim® Global Webinar in cooperation with EnterpriseWeb & TWI & TM Forum: Robots as a Service
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