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Infosim® and Dimension Data PoC:
Autoscaling with VCCAP and StableNet®

What is VCCAP? Already in 2013, Dimension Data decided to get involved in new and upcoming application virtualization concepts for Service Providers. The Virtualized Carrier Core Application Platform (VCCAP) was born to combine IaaS with SDN under the hood of ETSI-NFV concepts. Dimension Data selected best-of-breed hardware from their different vendors and followed open standards to build their infrastructure. They are using OpenStack as Virtual Infrastructure Management Layer and different service orchestrators for application onboardings and lifecycle management. The entire setup is hosted in their data center in Frankfurt. For a showcase at TM Forum Digital Transformation World in Nice, Infosim® added StableNet® to VCCAP to illustrate how to manage carrier grade environments based on the ETSI-NFV framework.

Demonstrated live in Nice, the PoC showed how StableNet® can be used in cloud environments to monitor web application load and adapt to changing conditions so that applications can adapt to them. Among others, the following use case was shown: Web application was rolled out in a fully automated fashion in OpenStack private cloud. Bulk of HTTP GET requests was generated with stepwise increasing load profile by IXIA IxLoad. StableNet® was provisioned to monitor the load of application and instructed by a business logic script to detects it and to triggers scale out. This logic was also designed to free up resources as soon as traffic load dropped.

Infosim® won the TM Forum Catalyst Award 2018: “Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets”

After two award-winning runs as participants of the Smart Industrial Manufacturing Catalyst in Nice 2016 and 2017, this year Infosim® joined the “Connected Citizens” Catalyst team. Together with the Champions Orange, NTT Group, Metropole de Nice Cote D’Azur, City of Saint Quentin as well as the other Participants ForgeRock, BearingPoint, Civimetrix Telecom, and Globetom, the group extended this Catalyst to a “Smart City Enabling Digital Platform”.

With this extended scope, the Connected Citizens Catalyst is a proof of concept of a Smart City Business Digital Platform. It delivers the digital capability for smart services in today’s dynamic cities. Services that deliver cleaner, safer, more adaptive and efficient environments for inhabitants, enterprises and visitors alike. The Connected Citizens platform enables developers and providers to create and deploy innovative services for cities and their citizens. It is based on TM Forum Open APIs and a scalable cloud of enabling solutions.

Within this Catalyst, Infosim® is responsible for one of the key roles, the operation of the digital platform. The vision is to enable a unified and central operation of the Connected Citizens Catalyst Platform. This encompasses resources and data from the different distributed components building the platform, reaching all the way from the IoT edge through the network to the cloud. Operations cover monitoring and performance management, alarming and fault management, as well as provisioning and configuration management. Drill-downs to the different underlying solutions allow for further interaction. StableNet® by Infosim® is a perfect fit for this challenging task.

Champions: Orange, NTT Group, Metropole de Nice Cote D’Azur, City of Saint Quentin
Participants: ForgeRock, BearingPoint, Civimetrix Telecom, Globetom

More information on the “Connected Citizens” Catalyst:

More information on all of the winning Catalysts in 2018:

Infosim® Global Webinar Day – Connected Citizens: A Smart City Enabling Digital Platform
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TM FORUM CATALYST AWARD 2018 Participant Group Picture

SIGCOMM 2017 Demo:
SDN/NFV-enabled Security Architecture for fine-grained Policy Enforcement and Threat Mitigation for Enterprise Networks

Today, network security in enterprises is mainly enforced by firewalls guarding the perimeter of the network against an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. However, once the perimeter is breached attackers and malware can easily compromise additional hosts as we have seen in the recent outbreak of the WannaCry worm.

A complimentary approach to alleviate these threats is to quarantine malicious hosts on a network level. To accomplish this, a fine-grained flow selection and security control is needed which can be provided by architectures like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

As one of the authoring partners of this demo at the renown ACM SIGCOMM conference, we demonstrate the prospects of seamlessly integrating SDN and NFV based security operations into the existing enterprise network infrastructure to provide state-of-the-art stateful firewalling for advanced packet filtering as well as on-demand fine-grained flow separation and isolation for the exterior and interior network.

StableNet® provided by Infosim® and the extensions made to it play one of the key roles in this demo. Not only does StableNet® monitor all critical systems within the demonstrator, but the shown scenarios also demonstrate how our solution is capable of consolidating modern SDN and NFV environments as well as legacy network infrastructures.

Research Partners: University of Würzburg, TU Munich, genua GmbH, Infosim®

SarDiNe Project Website:
ACM SIGCOMM conference:
IEEE Communication Magazine Article:

Infosim® Intel® POC:
Network and Intel® IoT Gateway Management

Infosim® StableNet® is a unified network management solution designed to integrate into existing telco or enterprise network environments built on both modern SDN architectures or legacy physical infrastructures. StableNet® helps identify and inventory network devices, provides visualizations of network architectures, and enables management, support, and security for network devices.

The Infosim® PoC demonstrated that StableNet® can also make use of Intel® IoT Gateway solutions to help manage and secure connected IoT sensors. After StableNet® software agents were installed on each Intel® IoT Gateway, all gateways and connected sensors and devices could be inventoried, configured, monitored with alerts, secured, and controlled from the StableNet® management console or a web interface. In addition, the solution is highly scalable because processing is offloaded to each device running the StableNet® Agent, rather than centralized on one node or device, which could become a bottleneck.

Intel® Network Builders:

Infosim® Global Webinar Day – Unified Industrial IoT, SDN, and ICT Infrastructure Management
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Intel® Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast: Service-Aware Service Assurance
Interview with Dr. Stefan Koehler, CEO with Infosim®

TM Forum Live! 2017 Catalyst:
Logical Factory: Virtualizing Manufacturing for Agility

This Catalyst shows the development of a platform underpinned by Industry 4.0 philosophies which integrates and connects digitally numerous manufacturing systems across disparate facilities.

Within this Catalyst, Infosim® is the resource-facing manager of managers. With StableNet®, an overview of the telco domain as well as the IoT domain is given. This solution also offers a dynamic adaption of the status view for different users (e.g. a factory owner or a telco domain manager).

Infosim® won the TM Forum Catalyst Award: “Outstanding Ecosystem Design using CurateFx”.

Champion: BT, Telecom Italia, TWI
Participants: Infosim®, Infosys, EnterpriseWeb

Catalyst Article:

TM Forum Live! 2017 Catalyst:
Cross-layer Integration and API: Orchestrating the Digital Customer Experience

This Catalyst orchestrates efficient and optimized resource usage to meet dynamically varying digital customer needs by leveraging NFV/SDN, analytics, and standard APIs.

Infosim®’s main role in the Catalyst is on the resource layer. With StableNet®, the network is configured and monitored. The perfomance data is made available via TM Forum API.

Champion: Verizon
Wipro, Redknee, Infosim®

Catalyst Article:

TM Forum Live! 2016 Catalyst:
Smart Industrial Manufacturing: Robots as a Service

The Catalyst shows the general applicability of TM Forum assets for new use cases. Moreover, it presents a real-world scenario to potentially save the manufacturing industry billions of dollars in lost capital utilization of industrial robots due to extended downtime for reconfiguration and preventive maintenance that results from disconnected manual processes.

“Smart Industrial Manufacturing – Robots as a Service” is the project title of a cooperation between EnterpriseWeb, TWI – The Welding Institute, and Infosim®. It is all about driving the factory of the future forward. The project was initiated in context of TM Forum Live! 2016.

With the best innovative concept and use case of the Catalysts, Infosim® was awarded “Best New Catalyst”.
Infosim® wins Best New Catalyst at TM Forum Live! 2016

Champions: TWI
Participants: EnterpriseWeb, Infosim®

Catalyst Article:

Interview with Dave Duggal & Darren Williams about Smart Industrial Manufacturings
Catalyst Demo about Robots as a Service
Infosim® Global Webinar in cooperation with EnterpriseWeb & TWI & TM Forum: Robots as a Service
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