Automated Network & Service Management

With StableNet®, you can automate management of even the most complex network infrastructures


StableNet® provides Discovery, Configuration, Fault and Performance Management and brings the fragmented pieces of your multi-technology and multi-vendor network infrastructure together under a single platform.

The automated network & service management approach has been successfully implemented in key industries like energy, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and many more.

From Automated root cause to Zero touch provisioning, find out how StableNet® continues to be the industry leader for enterprise and telco network management.

What’s new at StableNet®?

The new annual release StableNet® 24 is out! More information

StableNet® 24 Service Pack 2 is now available for download!

StableNet® Analytics Portal (SNAP)

StableNet® Performance & Service Management StableNet® Analytics Portal (SNAP)Discovery & InventoryNetwork Configuration & ChangeFault Management & Root Cause AnalysisPerformance & ServiceCustomizable Dashboards for Network Performance Management...

StableNet® Analytics Portal – Use Case

StableNet® Analytics Portal (SNAP) StableNet® Use Case - Performance & ServiceDiscovery & InventoryNetwork Configuration & ChangeFault Management & Root Cause AnalysisPerformance & ServiceUser-driven dashboards and reporting for the information you...

StableNet® Business Intelligence

StableNet® Business IntelligenceTransforming data into power.Transforming data into power.Enjoy the industry-leading Automated Network & Service Management platform enhanced with meaningful additional business data.Explore StableNet® BIWhat is StableNet® BI?...

StableNet® at a glance

As a leading 4-in-1 Solution, StableNet® covers functions from the following four pillars:

Discovery Icon

Discovery &

Improve network efficiency
and capture your assets
for insights

StableNet Configuration Icon

Network Configuration & Change

Reduce configuration errors with vendor independent automation

Stablenet Fault Icon

Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis

Resolve network problems quickly by getting pinpointed to the root cause

Stablenet Performance Icon

Performance &

Continuously measure KPIs and monitor SLAs to stay in control

Key Benefits of StableNet®

StableNet® unifies the management of multiple vendor-specific network tools and technologies, along with firm-specific databases, into one GUI.
The Automated Network & Service Management solution StableNet® delivers a flexible framework that is scalable to any sized network.
StableNet® provides an excellent out-of-the-box solution which can be further customized to accomodate individual requirements.

Ready for automated network management?

Automation is at the core of StableNet®

StableNet® delivers optimized automation workflows with immediate results, without the need for extensive upfront
programming investments.

With StableNet® you can save considerable time and, in conjunction with the consolidation of functionalities, significantly reduce costs (OPEX and CAPEX).

The network automation workflow is an iterative process which begins with repeated checks and discovery of your
inventory and moves through simplified configuration jobs, root cause analysis and continuous SLA monitoring, compliance tracking, and simplified and automated backups and reporting (with many steps along the way). While each network is unique, with StableNet® you can greatly simplify even the most customized tasks.

StableNet® in Action: Popular Releases

Available Product Solutions

StableNet® Telco

A unified, Telco-grade and highly scalable solution providing multi-tenancy, Discovery & Inventory, Network Configuration & Change, Fault Management & Root Cause
Analysis and Performance & Service Management.

StableNet® Enterprise

A unified state of the art management
solution for IT & Networking Organizations providing Discovery & Inventory, Network Configuration & Change, Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis and Performance & Service Management.

StableNet® as a Service

An automated, affordable
and straight-forward solution
to provide the benefits of
StableNet® without all of the
up-front cost or ongoing complexity of maintenance

Multi-Vendor NMS with StableNet®: Different mobile possibilities

Vendor agnostic NMS in your pocket

Alarm handling
Device information
Status & performance information
Highly intuitive design
Reduced traffic & power usage

What our partners and customers say about us

“Dear Infosim® Team, Warmest congratulations on reaching this remarkable milestone – your 20th anniversary as a valued partner of Zoracom! Over the years, your unwavering support and dedication to our partnership have played a pivotal role in our success and growth. More than just a business partner, Infosim® has become an integral part of the Zoracom family. Your team’s professionalism, integrity, and passion for what you do have made every interaction a joy and a learning experience. Here’s to many more years of collaboration, growth, and prosperity!”
John Nwachukwu

Chief Strategy/Executive Officer, Zoracom

“Our fiber optic network is at the heart of 1&1 Versatel – on this basis, we implement high-performance networking solutions for our customers. With the Infosim® product StableNet® , we are introducing a state-of-the-art monitoring system with which we can further optimize our network and service operations and continuously improve the quality of our services.”
Dr. Sören Trebst

CEO, 1&1 Versatel

„With StableNet® we see an opportunity to implement a network management solution that delivers a high degree of automation, simplification and is able to manage a technologically diverse network infrastructure.”
Dirk Karl

Executive for Procurement and Supply Chain, MTN Group

“KedronUK and Infosim® were formed in the same year, 2003, and a few years later we began our important partnership. Infosim® and its team have been a huge part of KedronUK’s growth and it’s relevance to large UK Enterprises and Service Providers. We initially partnered with Infosim® because they were the first vendor that could provide an integrated approach to Fault, Performance and Configuration Management, at scale and in a single code set. We remained solid partners for over 15 years, because of the proven capabilities of the solution to adapt to different customer environments, but also because the integrity and skill of the whole team supporting StableNet®, from Tech Support right through to the Leadership Team. We’re now happy to call those people good friends as well as business partners and look forward to many more years of success together!”
Justin Pounds

Managing Director, Kedron UK

Ready for automated network management?

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