StableNet® and FNT Command®: The Integrated Network Management Solution

Solution Brief of FNT and Infosim®

In this Solution Brief, you will find detailed information on the scope of the cooperation, the technicalities of the integration along with its real world application for a German telecommunications service provider as well as a large bank.

Increasing Complexity in the Network Infrastructure

Digitization, networking and automation are the major challenges in the current development of virtually all areas of society. Both companies and public authorities want to automate their processes and services as far as possible so that they can plan, manage and monitor them with less effort.

The rapid growth of networking goes hand in hand with an increasing complexity of the digital infrastructure. More and more devices from different manufacturers with a wide variety of hardware and software are being networked and must communicate with each other as flawlessly as possible. The expansion of the infrastructure required for this and the automation of the corresponding management and maintenance processes are therefore of strategic importance for companies in order to compete in a global marketplace.

The StableNet® & FNT Integrated Solution

Since problems and disruptions can never be completely avoided, it is all the more important to be able to respond to them as quickly and effectively as possible. Powerful network management tools enable rapid localization and identification of the affected components in the event of a fault and can minimize mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) with automated processes. This significantly reduces the cost of man-hours required by the affected service and management teams and drastically shortens downtimes.

The integrated solution takes advantage of both platforms by enabling a detailed and automatically generated representation of the currently existing network infrastructure, with a comprehensive overview of the geo-data, configurations and maintenance intervals of the individual components and devices. This makes it possible to effectively plan future changes and extensions to the infrastructure. Furthermore, in the case of mergers and acquisitions, a cost-effective consolidation of several networks is made possible while avoiding redundancies.

Advantages of the complete solution consisting of StableNet® and FNT Command:


Smooth communication through bidirectional interface


Optimal task distribution


Automated discovery of devices with the discovery function


Advanced XML Configuration


Cost savings and a more secure network


Automatically detect & handle discrepancies in the network

FNT Command und StableNet® beim Einsatz in einem Kreditinstitut

FNT Command and StableNet® in use at a credit institution

The document is available in English and German

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