StableNet® Branding Relaunch: Lifting the curtain!

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For the end of the year StableNet® receives a brand makeover!

Since the StableNet®´s first Release in 20XX, Infosim®´s successful sub-brand has come a long way and the time has come to leverage its expressiveness to the next level. With fresh new design elements and an all new logo, StableNet® is telling its unique story by visualizing its roots and strengths in the industry.

NEW Tagline: “Automated Network & Service Management!”

With the direction of current and planned features, StableNet®´s answer to the increasing demand for automation in the network environment has become one of its biggest unique selling points.

By changing the tagline from „Unified Network & Services Management” to „Automated Network & Service Management“, StableNet® stands up strong for the direction it is heading in the market.
NEW Logo and color scheme:

For the first time StableNet®´s identity is visually represented!
The dark blue tone of the new design reflects the reliability, quality and progressiveness you can expect from the StableNet® Solution.
By coloring the square in the middle of the logo in the distinctive turquoise of the Infosim® brand the connection to the company is highlighted.
Further the small square is surrounded by brackets with four arrows symbolizing The Four Pillars of StableNet® being combined in a unified solution.
If you want to learn more about the four pillars please click here. (

Get further information and collateral:
If you have any questions concerning the new branding or if you are in need of informational material please don´t hesitate to contact!
For our Partners: Branding collateral is available on the StableNet® Community Portal. (

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StableNet® Branding Relaunch: Lifting the curtain!

StableNet® Branding Relaunch: Lifting the curtain!

StableNet® receives a year-end brand makeover!
Since the first release of StableNet® in 2003, Infosim®´s successful automated network and service management platform has come a long way. With fresh new design elements, a new tagline and an all new logo, StableNet® is telling its own story by visually communicating its unique identity in the industry.