Infosim® announces release of StableNet® 9.0

New features and improvements

Würzburg/Austin/Singapore, December 20th, 2019
Infosim® announces their yearly StableNet® Release 9.0. The new release offers major performance and usability improvements, including an improved GUI scaling on high resolution monitors. It is now possible to set up StableNet® without root access. We have also improved the zero-touch module and extended the monitoring possibilities for Cisco ACI.
This version provides some more significant number of features and enhancements:
  • Java 11
  • Improved GUI scaling on high resolution monitors
  • Layering in Dynamic Weather Maps
  • Extended Zero-Touch Functionality
  • Device selection in jobs based on resources
  • Weather Map Portal
  • Grafana, Measurement and Metric REST API
  • Non-Root Setup
  • Improved syslog & trap processing
  • GUI usability improvements
  • Improved and extended Cisco ACI
StableNet® 9.0 is available for purchase and download now. Customers with current maintenance contracts may upgrade free of charge as per the terms and conditions of their contract.
StableNet Robot
“We are very proud to present StableNet® 9.0 as the first version in our new annual release cycle. The release compiles various features and extensions requested by partners & customers as well as new functionality coming from our own Roadmap. The added Grafana integration (plugin) and the extended Zero-Touch capabilities are just two examples to mention. At the end of the year there is only one thing left to say – we have kept the best for the last.”
Marius Heuler

CTO, Infosim®

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