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Are you a customer or partner of StableNet®? Have you ever wished you could have a usb-powered traffic light on your desk? Have you imagined how cool it would be if it would actually provide insight into your network health? Well we have!

The StableNet® Traffic Light Control is not only a clever gadget, but can be configured via scripts to provide a clearly visualized alarm for your access network as an indication of traffic issues. While this may not be the perfect Christmas gift for grandma, it is a quirky, fun and informative accessory for anyone actively engaged in ensuring that your multi-vendor and –technology network stays healthy and efficient.

So what do the colors mean? This is completely customizable based on tags and tag filters and up to your specific use case.
Here is an example from a recent implementation:

Traffic light green

No critical alarms in the core and access network

traffic light red

Critical alarm in the access network

traffic light yellow

Critical alarm in the core network

traffic light

Critical alarms in the core and access network

Do you want to know the function of the traffic light better? Watch our video about it!
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Please be aware of our sweepstake participation conditions. To use the traffic light control in StableNet®, it is necessary to have the REST license (rest reporting license). Therefore this is mandatory to participate in the sweepstake.

The first winner will be drawn on September 30th, and the sweepstake will run until the end of the year, with a lucky winner being chosen on the last day of each month. All StableNet® partners and customers who are subscribed to our channel and filled out the form will be eligible for each drawing.

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Who are the winners of our Sweepstake?

Our sweepstake runs from September to December. At the end of each month a winner will be drawn. Anyone who has participated once is automatically part of the draw each month. Exception are those who have already won. They will be taken out of the raffles afterwards.

The first lucky winner of our first drawn in September is Andreas Krohn. Congratulations!

The second lucky winner of our drawn in October is Thorsten Seufert. Congratulations!

The third lucks winner of our drawn in November is Benedikt Pfaff. Congratulations

In December this year the last winner of a StableNet® traffic light control is drawn.

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