StableNet® Enterprise

StableNet® Enterprise is a third-generation highly automated network management system. It enables IT departments to unify the management requirements of their IT infrastructures in a way that enables ‘true-visibility’ of the environment.
Being able to correlate Performance, Fault, and Configuration within a single unified application rapidly improves the Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and increases the service uptime thus maintaining high levels of sustained service availability to your customers, and providing a great end-user experience.
StableNet® Enterprise is a highly flexible management system with a wealth of additional functional modules that fully compliment industry best practices, i.e. ITILv3, SOX, PCI, NSA, etc. StableNet® Enterprise can be deployed on a multi-tenanted or dedicated platform, and can be operated in a highly dynamic flex-compute environment.

What can you expect from StableNet® Enterprise?

Selected examples of Unified Network & Services Management
StableNet Interactive Failure Analysis

Interactive Failure Analysis

StableNet Multi-cloud and Office 365 Monitoring

Multi-cloud and Office 365 Monitoring

StableNet Flow Portal

Flow / Traffic Analysis


Automated Service Assurance and Fulfillment

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StableNet® provides distributed End-to-End (E2E) Service Level Management (SLM) by monitoring and reporting on your systems, networks, applications, and services.

The software collects, analyzes, and summarizes management data from any source. Reports can be tailored for any audience, giving you the flexibility to report on the data relevant to you and your users.

Connectivity Monitoring

Host Monitoring

Router and Switch Monitoring

Application Monitoring

VoIP Monitoring

Threshold Monitoring

StableNet® Enterprise delivers all your basic infrastructure management processes such as connectivity monitoring, host monitoring, network device monitoring, application, and service monitoring as well as threshold monitoring.

Connectivity Monitoring

  • Mining and analyzing data
  • Resolving network performance issues, conduct security audits, or test the status and check link efficiency
  • Responding to operational requirements in terms of user experience, support for new applications, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness
  • StableNet® is easy to use and deploy

Host Monitoring

  • It is essential to know the status of the hosts, whether you co-locate your servers in a datacenter or keep them in your own server room
  • All applications and higher-level functions depend on correct resources provided by the underlying hardware and operating system
  • As data is a crucial aspect for most operations, organizations tend to be very protective of their systems for data storage and processing

Router and Switch Monitoring

  • Active network components such as routers and switches are the key elements of today’s IT systems
  • Monitoring vital characteristics of network devices and correlating them with network and application performances
  • Any change to the configuration of switches and routers at any time can have devastating effects on the reliability of the network and the services provided

Application Monitoring

  • Managing complex multi-tiered software systems, such as collaboration tools or databases
  • Monitoring your applications to detect and respond to problems before the end-user is even aware of one

VoIP Monitoring

  • VoIP technology presents new challenges for management of service quality and service availability
  • Voice quality degradation in VoIP transmission is a result of packet loss, delays, jitter, and non-linear distortions
  • StableNet® manages and plans VoIP technology well

Threshold Monitoring

  • StableNet® provides meaningful alarm information that effectively improves network availability, reliability, and maintains user productivity.

StableNet® Enterprise provides a high-performance solution that monitors business activity for processes and applications in distributed environments. This improves revenue generation by enabling business users to preempt problems with predictive KPIs, detect business situations, and manage them.

Business Process Modeling:

StableNet® allows simple modeling of complex distributed business processes with a GUI.

Business Process Monitoring:

Business process monitoring ensures immediate detection of a problem in important revenue generating processes. It documents the service level as well, and it is effective in the planning and decision-making process.

Customer Benefits:


Reduce end-user outages by proactive managing performance and availability trends


Measure the end-user experience using consistent, repeatable end-user transactions from multiple locations


Use a product that supports a large number of protocols, technologies, and environments


Accelerate time to resolution

Model and monitor your business processes from hardware components right across the layers through to application modules to enable proactive Performance Management and predictive Trend Analysis.

Capacity planning with StableNet® allows IT managers to see the current utilization of all IT systems, including trends and projections for future capacity needs.

This is of great importance to budget planning and upgrade management, as recurring questions are “which server needs upgrading next quarter?” or “how long can I hold on to your current WAN bandwidth?”

The physical and logical resources in your datacenter must be able to meet the business demands today and tomorrow in a solid, economic matter. This is where capacity planning with StableNet® comes in. It will help you to be sure that your datacenter and network infrastructure is right-sized.

Customer Benefits:

Anticipate where investments will be needed

Plan ahead to make investments as economical as possible

Avoid negative impact on your business due to a lack of resources

By using historical trend data allow your managers to accurately predict future capacity requirements across the infrastructure from link utilization to disk usage. Anticipate future financial and resource investment requirements.

Elaborate datacenter management is all about automation, efficiency, and reduction of churns. Automation is the key to achieve these goals. It delivers cost-efficiency, quality, and compliance even in the most complex environments.

Customer Benefits:

Remote management across geographies

Manage services, not just servers

Support proactive management (automated response to events)

Automate system provisioning

Automate system operations tasks

Simplify distributed systems management

Integrated End-to-End management framework across HW, OS, application, and network

Focus on business services management

Enable centralized automation of datacenter tasks from planning and provisioning to monitoring and statistics gathering. Management can be executed at the business service level rather than multiple elements.


StableNet® discovers network elements and their configurations; then provides accurate information on capacity and trends.


StableNet® automates provisioning of services and configuration of elements, enabling zero-touch flow-through provisioning.


StableNet® helps detecting problems and facilitates alerts and SLA compliance monitoring.


StableNet® measures relevant KPIs for internal planning purposes, and for customer-facing reporting.

StableNet® Enterprise for retailers is the next-generation software solution with primary focus on End-to-End IT Service Assurance. Eliminate “tool-hopping” and the high cost of managing multiple vendor solutions with StableNet® Enterprise for retailers.

The suite has various features incorporated into one single integrated solution:

Infrastructure Management

Application Performance Management

Business Service Management

Configuration Management

Event & Fault Management

Reporting & SLAs

Retailers trust StableNet® to increase their service levels by reducing or preventing service disruptions. They can cut costs by automating network operations, and by enhancing quality of experience with proactive management of their services.

The 4th largest grocery retailer in the world with over 10.000 stores manages its network with StableNet® Enterprise.

Today’s retailers are faced with unevitable, economic, and logistic challenges to include rapidly decreasing gross margins caused by competition and even more complex, demanding just-in-time supply chain management operations. Higher merchandise volumes must be processed, and in addition, store operations are completely digitized to include electronic shelf labeling. But there is more to come – also keep in mind the dramatically increased reliance on real-time information on financials and merchandise for any advanced decision-making process. Plus, you must comply with regulatory requirements. It is obvious that your network is a crucial element in supporting retail business strategies.

StableNet® Enterprise for retailers not only minimizes the risk of network downtime, but also enables retail IT organizations to deploy and operate networks that can:

  • Deliver secure store connectivity while still complying with payment card industry (PCI) standards, and minimizing fraud!
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of stores through the provision of real-time information on merchandise and financials!
  • Automate core business processes of in-store operations!
  • Empower retailers to modify organizational structures and roll out new applications in the existing IT environment on demand!

Business Process Monitoring:

  • Ensure product and pricing accuracy
  • StableNet® monitors the download of updated price and product information to your in-store devices such as scanner-check-out systems and electronic shelf labeling
  • Ensure daily revenue of store upload
  • StableNet® monitors the consolidation of multiple POS sales data on in-store IT hardware, as well as successful upload of such financial data to regional headquarters
  • Ensure advertising localized replication
  • StableNet® monitors the download of updated content for localized advertising from the intranet. In addition, it monitors the workflow and applications used for local creation of flyers/handouts
  • Reassign stores to structures logistical organizational optimizing regional
  • StableNet® can automatically reconfigure all in-store devices with just one click

Customer Benefits:
StableNet® has powerful automation capabilities and with its integrated single-solution concept, the suite helps retailers around the world to best realize needs, and exploit management and operational benefits ideally.

  • Facilitate the rollout or relocation of new stores and devices
  • Automatic configuration of all store devices on first connect (Configuration Management)
  • StableNet® reduces downtime of store IT and network infrastructure by in-depth monitoring, a trend and a real-time Root Cause Analysis
  • Maintain device them correct software unlatched and configurations non-compliant spotting by levels security high
  • StableNet® verifies configurations and software versions to internal and external customer guidelines, e.g. PCI standards can correct misconfigurations automatically (Configuration Management)
  • Identify terminals and payment tampering
  • StableNet® initiates automated alarms when payment terminals are unplugged – In fact, only authorized retail customer personnel may close such alarms; this is to ensure the highest possible attention to tampering and hacking attacks (Fault Management)
  • Ensure automated with components network it faulty to response rapidly
  • StableNet® sends automated alarms to internal or external spare parts and repair services providers (Fault Management)
  • Enable real management change
  • The StableNet® automated device and network discovery function discovers all devices in the network; the inventory is updated continuously (Performance Management)
  • Maintain high security levels by identifying unusual traffic patterns
  • StableNet® Netflow can be used for identifying unusual activity (Performance Management)
  • Detailed retail within faults systematic detection
  • StableNet® detects systematic errors within your retail IT hardware (e.g. overheating of scanner checkouts), providing information on the quality of the hardware used – thus, it is your best choice for future hardware partner (Performance Management)

Infrastructure for retail organizations is of the highest importance. Use StableNet® Enterprise to deliver a cost-effective service to minimize service disruption while ensuring proactive management of services.

Manage End-to-End VoIP networks without a hassle.

StableNet® supports active and passive VoIP monitoring. Moreover, StableNet® provides clear visibility to the entire IT infrastructure. This combination facilitates efficient VoIP Management. By tracking real-time and historical data from IP equipment, the IT manager can identify root cause problems and remedy their effects on the VoIP quality.

VoIP key metrics like jitter, network latency, packet loss, etc. directly impact user satisfaction, and are fundamental indicators of network performance and service efficiency. With StableNet®, your IT manager is capable of quick problem solving when quality expectations are no longer met. In addition, responsible planning for future hardware upgrade is possible.

Use StableNet® Enterprise for both passive and active VoIP monitoring across your estate. Track real-time and historical data from all aspects of your VoIP, IPT, and IPCC systems to ensure the best service with limited jitter, packet loss, and delay.

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