StableNet® Embedded Agent (SNEA)


With the StableNet® Embedded Agent (SNEA), Infosim® now offers all the powerful features the customers appreciate from the StableNet® Agent in a Plug & Play “black box” appliance. The SNEA is shipped preconfigured and completely ready to deploy. Only Ethernet and power need to be connected. An example of the SNEA is shown below.

StableNet® Embedded Agent (SNEA)

Exemplary picture of the SNEA v1 – other versions available upon request


  • Typically more than 1000 measurements
  • More than 200 Mbit/s VoIP traffic with multimedia script
  • Availability of all Java business processes
  • Availability of all measurement types

Main SNEA Benefits

Reduction of:

  • initial setup costs (no need to buy expensive hardware)
  • space requirements (“on the rack“, not “in the rack“)
  • complexity (Plug & Play)
  • maintenance effort (no mechanical parts)
  • power requirements (powered over USB)
  • setup time (just 3 easy steps)

Supported Applications

  • StableNet® Telco solution
  • StableNet® Enterprise solution

SNEA Setup – It’s as easy as 1-2-3

StableNet® Embedded Agent - Easy Setup

Besides the use case of StableNet® Monitoring out of the cloud, the StableNet® Embedded Agent is also an ideal enabler for other use cases. One example could be to deploy a large number of SNEAs to conduct highly distributed measurements of a service from various geographical

locations. Another one could be detailed hop-by-hop monitoring by placing SNEAs at each hop of a certain connection. Having your SNEA use case in mind and looking for more information? Please contact us to discuss about more details!

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