Integrating Telemetry into your Network: A cross-technology platform solution for holistic network and service management

StableNet® White Paper

Technological progress is both a blessing and a curse for network operators. While new advancements in devices, protocols and methodologies provide advantages, we invariably become familiar with our “tools of the trade”. Whether you have simply heard of telemetry or have busied yourself with its implementation as you adopt the technology, this paper seeks to provide a wide base of knowledge for what it is and how it can be incorporated into network management.

The objective of the document is to help you find out what advantages telemetry may provide to you but also which challenges you have to be aware of, especially in terms of the current landscape of fragmented, non-standardized data that needs to be normalized first. Proprietary solutions must be translated into a common language. This prerequisite is crititical in developing a platform that is able to monitor and manage a diverse technological landscape. A central focus is on how you can adopt the technology in a non-disruptive manner via a holistic, technology- and vendor-agnostic network management tool.
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StableNet White Paper

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