Global Webinar Day –
Intel and Infosim® providing IoT device provisioning & management

Virtual Seminar – May 23th, 2019 – 5.00 pm (GMT+2)

You had no chance to come visit TM Forum Digital Transformation World in Nice this year? No problem!

Join Richard Kerslake, IoT Program Director with Intel, and Dr. David Hock, Director of Research with Infosim®, for a live virtual seminar to find out more about our solutions in collaboration with Intel on IoT device provisioning and management. See how StableNet® supports the Secure Device Onboard (SDO) technology by Intel to provide secure any-to-any industrial-grade IoT.

Don’t miss this cutting-edge virtual seminar to get your digital transformation management on the road!

Key Learning Objectives

  • The source of IoT innovation – Hottest topics at booth #339 at DTW 2019
  • Strong together for future technology – Intel and Infosim® partnership: technical activities, collaborations, and solution

Your Presenters

Richard Kerslake

Richard Kerslake

IoT Program Director with Intel

Dr. David Hock

Dr. David Hock

Director of Research with Infosim®

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