Global Webinar Day –
SNEA v2: The Special Agent

Virtual Seminar – March 28th, 2019 – 4.00 pm (GMT+1)

Join our colleagues Vlad Singeorzan, Senior Consultant, and André Königer, Senior Developer, for a virtual seminar on the next-level StableNet® Embedded Agent, the SNEA v2.
Vlad and André will show you why the SNEA v2 is a must-have in today’s increasing complexity of distributed services in large-scale IT scenarios. A selection of the newest practical use cases, topped off with a live demonstration will further be part of this webinar’s plot.

Don’t waste your time managing your network through the peephole – say hello to the powerful industry-grade SNEA v2, the special agent within holistic network monitoring.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Entering the scenario  – Overview and technical specifications
  • What is the order? – Practical use cases
  • Mission accomplished! – Live demonstration
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