Los Angeles’ IT Organization Adopts StableNet® for Network Monitoring

StableNet® Success Story

Executive Summary

The network operations team for Los Angeles recently implemented StableNet® to enhance network availability and performance monitoring after years of dealing with reactive troubleshooting using multiple tools that lacked end-to-end visibility. The city’s NOC, responsible for managing over 2,500 switches and routers across 700 sites, required a solution that could handle fault management via SNMP polling, IPSLA testing, and root-cause analysis to improve proactive issue detection. Since deploying StableNet®, the NOC has seen an increase in proactive trouble ticketing, enabling the team to address issues before impacting end users. The tool’s discovery engine also offers critical insights into network changes, an essential feature for managing the independently run networks of various city agencies.
StableNet’s ability to customize solutions was pivotal for monitoring a public safety agency’s IoT project involving wearable devices. By deploying StableNet® Embedded Agents (SNEAs) at docking stations, the NOC could simulate traffic and monitor connectivity, ensuring data upload to the cloud without manual checks. This proactive monitoring significantly reduced troubleshooting times and improved overall network management. Additionally, StableNet®‘s capacity monitoring feature helps the NOC manage bandwidth utilization effectively, preventing performance degradation of critical applications. Overall, StableNet® has streamlined network operations, providing valuable visibility and enhancing the city’s network management capabilities.

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    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

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