European Telecommunications Provider Turns to Infosim®
for Cross-Platform Network Configuration Management

StableNet® Success Story

Executive Summary

Effective network management is crucial for large organizations, ensuring reliable delivery of applications and services. This requires disciplined management practices and advanced tools, particularly for consistent configuration control across diverse networking devices from multiple vendors. Traditional Element Management Systems (EMSs) only manage devices from specific vendors, creating gaps and inconsistencies without significant investments in custom integration and compliance policies.
StableNet® offers a solution to this challenge, providing cross-vendor configuration management along with fault, event, and performance management. This case study explores how a European telecommunications provider successfully used StableNet® to manage its complex, multi-vendor MPLS backbone, which includes over 10,000 network elements from vendors like Juniper, Cisco, and Huawei.
The provider faced operational inefficiencies and service quality incidents due to configuration drift—unauthorized changes deviating from policy guidelines. They lacked comprehensive visibility and control over their network configurations, compounded by the complexity of using multiple EMS and open-source tools. By deploying StableNet®, the provider achieved a unified view of their network, enabling consistent policy enforcement and compliance checks.
StableNet® integration with their Amdocs inventory management system allowed seamless configuration management from a single console. Automated change logging and configuration backups ensured stability and quick recovery from errors. This eliminated the need for vendor-specific EMSs, centralizing all configuration management through StableNet®.
The benefits included improved network stability, reduced service incidents, and streamlined processes. StableNet®’s responsive support and adaptive solutions further enhanced efficiency. The provider now enjoys greater visibility, control, and stability, ensuring high-quality services for their subscribers while reducing operational costs and complexities.

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    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

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