Athenahealth® Streamlines Network Management with Infosim® StableNet®

StableNet® Success Story

Executive Summary

Athenahealth®, a rapidly growing SaaS company, encountered significant management tool fragmentation due to their multivendor network consisting of devices from Cisco, Juniper Networks, and HPE Aruba Networks. This complexity led to inefficiencies, as the networking team relied on nearly a dozen different tools daily. With no input on NOC’s tool selection, the network engineering team had to use multiple point management tools, causing delays and complications in troubleshooting. StableNet® was chosen to address these challenges. It replaced over six tools, streamlined operations, and provided customizable dashboards for network transparency. StableNet®’s integrated probe testing and simplified licensing further enhanced efficiency. The solution enabled Athenahealth to monitor application and VoIP performance across multiple branch offices and offered transparent support throughout the proof-of-concept phase. Athenahealth’s experience aligns with EMA’s findings, which highlight the benefits of consolidating network management tools for improved performance and streamlined operations.

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    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

    The Tolly Report provides an in-depth evaluation of StableNet®’s comprehensive capabilities, including automated discovery, dynamic topology mapping, advanced fault management, and real-time performance monitoring. Download the full report to see how StableNet® can streamline your network operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall network performance.

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