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Policy Checking and Compliance:
An Automated Solution that Includes Self-Healing Reconfiguration

Discover how StableNet® dramatically facilitates compliance, including a simplified procedure to customize rules and policies for automated compliance and self-heal compliance remediation

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Configuration and security policy rules are essential for maintaining network consistency and ensuring compliance with both internal and external regulations. These policies often adhere to industry-specific standards set by bodies like FIPS, PCI, ISO27001, ITIL, SOX, and HIPAA, which aim to safeguard digital infrastructures and promote industry improvement. Ensuring that network device configurations meet these standards can be challenging, especially as regulations frequently update. Manual compliance checks are not only resource-intensive but also increase the risk of errors and vulnerabilities.

The StableNet® platform offers a next-generation, automated solution for policy compliance and governance. It enables organizations to create and enforce policies that scan, analyze, and rectify configuration issues across diverse hardware vendors. This system supports various compliance requirements, using tools like simple text strings, configuration snippets, and advanced scripting languages. Automated policy checks and reconfigurations ensure consistent adherence to standards, while the Config Diff tool and Group Analyzer provide detailed audit logs and customizable reports. By simplifying compliance processes and supporting multiple technologies and vendors, StableNet® enhances network security, reduces risk, and maintains service availability.

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