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Fiber to the „X“ (FTTx): A unified network & service management solution for emerging & established network service providers

Take advantage of a scalable, highly-automated FTTx service delivery solution to simplify roll-outs and build long-term customer value

Background & Motivation

Back in 2009, a long-time StableNet® customer and a leading provider of fiber optic networks in the Asian region was faced with a major problem. Government-funded grants for the expansion of their fiber network required a working OSS/BSS system. This fully-automated service assurance system needed to not only integrate seamlessly with their existing order-management, single sign-on, portal, trouble ticketing and service desk systems, but also provide accurate impact and root cause analysis to support customer SLAs. Since that time, we have continued working tirelessly on remaining the leading provider of an all-in-one, comprehensive network management solution for network service providers.

FTTx (Fiber to the „X“) is a collective term used to refer to various fiber access infrastructures involved in laying and delivering fiber to the home, node, building or curb (FTTH, FTTN, FTTB or FTTC). The challenge here is not only building and maintaining the infrastructure itself, but also the operation of the services along this infrastructure (internet access, voice, TV, etc.). While some instances of infrastructure growth occur organically (i.e., through natural market growth and expansion), inorganic growth (i.e., acquisitions or other abrupt shifts in resources and market size) must also be accounted for. For example, one of the most common problems faced by NSPs is a lack of a comprehensive fault management solution. With automated root cause, service providers can take steps to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future, resulting in improved service availability and reliability along with reduced costs associated with resolving problems. Improved incident response times and improved overall customer satisfaction are not the result of a single feature but require a comprehensive network and service management platform.

Fig. 1: Integration of StableNet® in FTTx environments offering a comprehensive network and service management platform including fault, performance, and inventory

StableNet® Solution

StableNet® is a vendor- and technology-agnostic network and service management platform that has a proven history of delivering automated solutions to both large and small telcos. This makes integrating thirdparty networks and consolidating your network management tools a problem-free process. Key to OSS/BSS Integration, StableNet® manages and monitors the entire fiber infrastructure including all network devices, servers and key application processes. A wide array of automated Discovery and Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) functionalities support dynamic rollouts and reduce configuration errors. In addition to simplifying integrations through an open API, StableNet® enables customization through seamless integration with ticket systems and allows automatic responses to incidents, while updating open tickets in the client application and customer portals in real time. Automated fault management and root cause analysis make it possible to identify the underlying cause of a problem or incident, rather than just addressing the symptoms. StableNet® comes with numerous modules specifically developed to address the needs of NSPs such as the Capacity Metric Module, which helps with network planning by proactively identifying bottlenecks before they occur. The StableNet® platform thus offers a comprehensive 4-in-1 solution dedicated to helping NSPs of all types and sizes accelerate their FTTx deployment. StableNet®-as-a-Service (SNaas) in particular is a perfect and cost-effective solution for new NSPs because, in addition to on-premise installation, the platform can be hosted in a cloud where only an appropriate number of StableNet® agents are deployed.

Benefits & Results

StableNet® places great emphasis on helping NSPs realize their full potential with a scalable solution. This is achieved by ensuring quality of service as well as through automation and an efficient network and service management system. A user-friendly, unified GUI saves time and simplifies tasks. In addition, a cloud-ready solution (SNaaS) offers an individual solution that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of NSPs and, in addition to FTTx, can also include the monitoring of other system-relevant components (DHCP, AAA, DNS, etc.). Compatible with different technologies and vendors, StableNet® combats fragmentation and a cluttered tool set while simultaneously giving you all you need for FTTx service delivery, maintenance and expansion.
Fig. 2: Example Weather Map in the StableNet® Portal visualizing the overall state of one FTTx segment and allowing further drilldowns

Key Benefits

  • Network & Service Visualisation
  • Network Capacity Management
  • Service Assurance and SLA Compliance
  • Fully automated workflow solution
  • All in one solution (including fault, performance and inventory)
  • Cloud-ready solution for quick ramp up times

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