Datacenter Automation

Manage services, not just servers!

Datacenter Automation

Simplify your datacenter administration with a centralized automation solution: StableNet®.

StableNet® Telco Datacenter Automation

Elaborate datacenter management is all about automation, efficiency, and reduction of churns. Automation is the key to achieve these goals. It delivers cost-efficiency, quality, and compliance even in the most complex environments.

StableNet® Enterprise is a comprehensive application enabling datacenters to automate their processes to the highest degree:


StableNet® discovers network elements and their configurations; then provides accurate information on capacity and trends.


StableNet® automates provisioning of services and configuration of elements, enabling zero-touch flow-through provisioning.


StableNet® helps detect problems and facilitates alerts and SLA compliance monitoring.


StableNet® measures relevant KPIs for internal planning purposes, and for customer-facing reporting.

Customer Benefits

  • Remote management across geographies.
  • Manage services, not just servers.
  • Support proactive management (automated response to events).
  • Automate system provisioning.
  • Automate system operations tasks.
  • Simplify distributed systems management.
  • Integrated End-to-End management framework across HW, OS, application and network.
  • Focus on business services management.

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