…and the CELTIC Innovation Award goes to … AI-NET!

July 2nd, 2024

Berlin, Germany

We are excited to announce that the AI-NET Project, including the three projects AI-NET ANTILLAS, AI-NET PROTECT and AI-NET ANIRA, was honoured with the CELTIC Innovation Award for its outstanding innovations and high number of key performance indicators!

For over 3 years we have been working together with numerous partners towards the goal of providing resilient and secure networks to critical infrastructures. Therefore this award means a lot to us.

Many thanks to everyone in the team for their great efforts!

You can find out more about the AI-NET project on the project webpage.

For a bit of fun, the team even put together a theme song and video. Some creative minds indeed!

Infosim® takes part in the KBC Forum 2024

Infosim® takes part in the KBC Forum 2024

November 5-6th, 2024

Visit the KBC Forum of our partner K-Businesscom for numerous interesting keynotes and specialist presentations, as well as many opportunities for networking.

Inetum Business Breakfast

Inetum Business Breakfast

September 10th 2024 – 8:45 CET – Zurich
Join Inetums Business Breakfast. Delicious brunch and inspiring presentations.

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